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Mutant Chronicles Warzone: Resurrection anyone?

So I was at Cancon on the Australia Day long weekend and while wandering around trying to stop my son from grabbing peoples’ models off the tables and going pew pew with them enjoying the atmosphere I saw a couple of tables that really caught my eye. They had SF (leaning toward cyberpunk) scenery, and each player seemed to have some sort of mecha and a few infantry. The silhouettes of the models blew me away, and so I loitered nearby, looking over some poor guy’s shoulder, until the stat cards he had in front of him revealed that the game was Warzone: Resurrection.

Infinity hasn’t worked out to my satisfaction. I’ve bought a bunch of models and really enjoyed painting them, played a couple of test games against my own guinea pigs (and a couple of intro games against actual Infinity players), but further gaming in that direction just never seemed to eventuate. I even sold my Infinity books in preparation for the new edition and… just never bought it. I can’t work out exactly why. I’m thinking maybe it’s that the models are annoying to assemble, fragile as hell, and the rules are a bit on the nitpicky side. I mean, so many special rules and weapon types and situational modifiers. It’s exhausting. When GW does that, people call it bad game design. And it gets a bit disheartening the sixth time you glue your Shinobu Kitsune back on her base. But, I’m seriously keen for a cyberpunk/mecha skirmish game, and much as I wanted it to be Infinity, perhaps I need to accept that it’s just not happening for me, for whatever reason.

Hang on, Warzone has four stars on Board Game Geek? The guys at Cancon didn’t seem to be using many models either, which is always nice. And those Mishima models… I really like them.

Looks pretty nice for 85 AUD...

This is the Mishima starter box. Looks pretty nice for 85 AUD…

They look less like Infinity’s slender modern anime style, and more like some 1980s Star Blazers or Macross kind of aesthetic. In fact I hear it’s based on Mutant Chronicles, an old game I never played that was almost contemporary with Rogue Trader. So maybe that’s why I like the aesthetic. It’s familiar yet not over-exposed the way 40k feels to me these days.

Speaking of 40k, this fellow could easily pull double duty as my mercenary commander or an Inquisitor.

Speaking of 40k, this fellow could easily pull double duty as my mercenary commander or an Inquisitor.

Anyone out there have an opinion on this game? I’ll probably just get a starter pack or two, just to paint. Yeah, that’s a good idea…