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Some Philosophy

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, and I haven’t done any gaming besides D&D, which is still going well.

What I have been doing is reading a lot.  One of the things I’m reading right now is the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius: the mighty Roman emperor who was also a philosopher of the stoic school.  There’s a lot to admire in there.  This passage in particular made me think of the last post I made, and the problem I was having with wanting praise for my creations and measuring myself against others:

Beautiful things of any kind are beautiful in themselves and sufficient to themselves. Praise is extraneous. The object of praise remains what it was – no better and no worse. This applies, I think, even to “beautiful” things in ordinary life – physical objects, artworks. Does anything genuinely beautiful need supplementing? No more than justice does – or truth, or kindness, or humility. Are any of those improved by being praised? Or damaged by contempt? Is an emerald suddenly flawed if no one admires it? Or gold, or ivory, or purple? Lyres? Knives? Flowers? Bushes?

And speaking of beauty and stoic philosophy, here’s Lana Del Rey singing a song about mortality and seizing the moment:

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