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Long overdue picture dump

Well hello there miniatures wargaming blogosphere. I’ve not been posting here at all, for months, because I’ve been too busy doing stuff. Like this:


This is the pirated riptide that rides with my mercenary Tau. Note his replacement foot. I actually lost it while I was putting him together because this kit has a stupid amount of parts. Sometimes… I just wish things came fully assembled.

But not always. This is an old beastlord I had lying around for years, from one of my many aborted attempts to collect a Warhammer Fantasy Battle army. I stuck a giant sword on his back that came from an SD Gundam kit. He is supposedly for Mordheim, but who knows if that will ever eventuate. Either way I like him.

This is my Macharius Omega, my first superheavy. It took ages simply because it’s so big and the tracks! They are sooo boring to paint. With things like this I always put freehand paintings and markings on them because it makes it more interesting to paint. It also looks more like they’re grizzled vets in a warzone. Or at least my Hollywood-inspired idea of grizzled vets in a warzone.


Here is a painting I did for a local exhibition as a tribute to David Bowie. It was my first exhibited painting and it rained all week beforehand so I couldn’t varnish it (it’s an oil painting and you can’t varnish them in wet weather). No-one bought it so now I can varnish it properly.


I’ve also been drawing a fair bit, and I did this design of a banshee and put it on one of those vanity sites where you can buy art on shirts and phone cases and stuff. The link is here if you’re interested. I plan to do more of these, and hopefully they’ll get better and better.

I’ve also nearly finished my Irish hearthguard models for SAGA, but they’re not internet worthy just yet.

Thanks for reading, see you in another few months maybe!



Walking dead for SAGA?

11130184_867026970009655_674888064492861761_nI saw the above image and some associated teasers for Salute (in the UK) on the blog Wargame News and Terrain. It’s from Gripping Beast, the creators of SAGA.

This is really interesting to me, firstly because it relates to my most recent post about cross-pollination of models and themes in games; secondly, just because I have a keen interest in the boundaries between history and mythology, and what people in the past believed in. Despite being a lifelong D&D player, I much prefer mythology and history to high fantasy, and especially enjoy when the two collide. Think The Thirteenth Warrior or even Hound of the Baskervilles. So a mash-up between historical warriors and the creatures of their folklore sounds like a dream game to me.

Norse, Germanic and Celtic peoples all had folk tales of walking corpses, and it looks like that might be what we’re dealing with here. I’ve heard one or two people suggest that SAGA is ripe for expansion into fantasy territory, and if that’s what’s happening I’m really glad they’ve decided to go in the direction of integrating mythology into their historical setting rather than creating a separate world full of generic Dwarves, Orcs and Elves. At least for now.

Of course it could just be some mini-event for Salute, a one-off fun presentation with limited edition models. And that would be cool too.

Have a good one,


Blow it all up

Hi everyone, I was reading Thuloid’s Adepticon report at the House of Paincakes this morning, and the discussion about Mantic got me thinking about the relationship between miniatures and rules. There was some interesting talk about Mantic’s Kings of War, and their strategy of capitalizing on Warhammer Fantasy Battle’s percieved mishandling. I realized that the current norm – companies that are combination miniatures manufacturers/rules producers – is, like most norms, an accident of history. Continue reading

The Great Australian Fantasy Story

A long time ago the Frontline Gamer asked me if there were any famous Australian comics.  It stumped me a little.  I’m sure that there are, but I couldn’t think of any that are famous enough for it to be well-known that they’re Australian.  Or for their Aussie-ness to be palpable, in the same way that Marvel and DC are classic Americana, or 2000AD and writers like Grant Morrison and Alan Moore are quintessentially British.  Tank Girl was set in Australia but it was a British book.

I thought about this some more and I have trouble coming up with any Australian fantasy or sci-fi, comic book or not, that fits these criteria.  Well, I can think of one: the film Mad Max.  It’s influential, it’s a classic, it’s unique, and it’s as Aussie as a post-apocalyptic Holden with spikes on it.

I’m no voracious reader of fantasy.  Most of it bores me, especially if it’s “book one of the whatever cycle” but I do like it on the rare occasions it’s original.  A quick check on Goodreads reveals that yes, there are a lot of fantasy and sci-fi books written by Aussies, but I have never heard of any of them except for Sophie Masson because she came from my town, and Obernewtyn, which is for kids.  In fact, a lot of them seem to be for Young Adults but then again all successful books are these days.  Most, if not all of them, are drawing on European fantasy, as evidenced by the cover art featuring green rolling hills, sorceresses on white horses, stone castles, you know the drill.

I can’t just observe something like this without wondering why.  I suspect that the great Australian fantasy novel is yet to be written because our writers are afraid of being authentic: it’s a recurring issue in the history of Australian art and literature.  We are afraid to venture far from Britain in our imaginations.  And inauthentic art divorced from its true context lacks power.  Imagine Judge Dredd, V for Vendetta or even Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 game without Thatcher.  You can’t.

Or maybe it’s just because we are a young nation with only 26 million people and it just hasn’t happened yet?

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts,