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Warhammer 40,000 Forbidden Stars review in the Swedish Guardian

One of my friends on facebook just linked to this, an extensive review of Warhammer 40,000: Forbidden Stars. I guess it shows how “relaxed” I have become about keeping up with Warhammer 40k that I had no idea this was coming out.

Interesting I think for two reasons: the Guardian (which is a pretty big newspaper) is running a long┬áreview of a sci-fi board game, a GW IP no less; and it looks like just the sort of thing that might save GW from their current problem. Which to me can basically be summed up as “no-one wants to buy into that mess, so the only people playing are those already invested.”

This looks like one of those big complicated 1990s-style token-and-card strategy games like Shogun and Axis and Allies. I used to love them. A large-scale gateway game is what many of us in the blogosphere think is lacking from miniature wargaming these days.

We’ll see,