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Writing for the House of Paincakes

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to announce that I am now writing intermittently (roughly fortnightly) for the House of Paincakes blog network.

I’ll still be posting here; mostly finished miniatures and any interesting things I come across, like the Wanderers film I posted last time. I’ll also link my posts from the House of Paincakes. Here’s the first one, in case you missed it: an introduction to SAGA.

See you round, James

The Loaded Dice Kickstarter: a bar in a games store

webeditJust a quick post today. One of my excellent local – and recently independent – stores, 3D6, is running a Kickstarter to turn their store into a combination bar/game venue. The bar will be called The Loaded Dice.

I’m starting to feel as though I live in gamer paradise here in Canberra, what with the new Reload bar in Civic. It’s gamer-themed, has a Street Fighter arcade machine, a bunch of PCs, and a big screen with consoles, all of which are free to play. And now there could well be a bar attached to a games store too.

There are less than 48 hours to go on the Kickstarter, and they still need quite a bit of money. I understand that many of you are not in Canberra, or even Australia, but there are some fine opportunities available for companies to sponsor this new establishment. I can vouch that the proprietors are professional and innovative business people who have given a hell of a lot to the gaming community in Canberra, and wouldn’t be doing a Kickstarter if they didn’t have the chops to see it through. So please consider it; or at least have a look. If you’re interested in the business of games, it’s an interesting idea.

Plus the tagline is great. “The Loaded Dice: where everybody knows your game!”

Have a good one,


Back online

Well, that’s a relief.  I’m back online from home, after nearly four months.  Some linesmen came from the phone company and replaced two of the phone lines near our place, and now it’s all finally working again.  The first thing I did was download Shogun: Total War 2 from Steam, which I bought before we moved and never got to download or play.  Now my computer is bogged down with 21 gigs of Samurai goodness.  Whether I’ll get to play it soon is another matter entirely, since I have a bunch of editing to do at the moment and Dragon Age Inquisition is still slowly burning along.

Enough about everyday things!  To blogging! I may have been… hasty about implementing format changes to this blog.  It seemed like a good idea until I actually did it, and then I was wracked with nightmare visions of hunched, hollow-eyed readers muttering curses against me.  All they want to do is comment on your weird post about how Japanese ultra-nationalists sound like 40k Ecclesiarchy priests!  Why don’t you let them, James, why?

Anyway, stay tuned. I have built and painted some cyberpunk terrain using this Tek Dek modular skatepark from Toys’R’Us:


And this odd piece of desk furniture from a dollar shop filled with bits I’ve collected:


Oh, and these artworks I got from around the net:

Pics of the completed scenery coming up soon.

Take care everyone,


Changing format

Hi friends,

There’s still another month until I’ll have full internet access from home. It’s not ideal. There are some good points though. I’ve done more gaming than usual since the blog’s slowed down. And I’ve been thinking more about my hobby in terms of what I want to make, rather than what I would be pleased to bring to the community.

Also, I’ve been thinking about changing the format of this blog for a while, and now I’m going to do it.

These days I find I’m less interested in long thoughtful discussions, and more interested in recording my work for my own future reference, and appreciating the miniatures and art of others. If I feel like a conversation, I’d do better to call a friend and have a game – or go to a wider online forum like the House of Paincakes – than to host one here at my little place. Besides anything else, posting discussion-starters here puts pressure on me to reply to everyone, which is something I just can’t do right now.

Related to this, I’ve come round to the idea that many (maybe most…) online media doesn’t actually need comments, and people just have them enabled out of habit. I think this is especially true for big things like YouTube, and mainstream media.  In fact I almost think that the larger the audience, the less valuable the comments will be as a whole. So what I’m going to do is disable the comments on my posts, unless they are posts I’ve specifically written for discussion.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I am incredibly grateful for all of my readers and friends here who take the time to drop by and say “nice job” when I post a pic of a model or some scenery.  I just feel that I don’t actually need that validation, if you know what I mean? I make stuff for myself, and I like sharing it with the community because a lot of my inspiration comes from all over the place. And the idea that someone might get some inspiration from me makes me happy. But that’s all I really want from it. I’ve been blogging for about ten years now, starting with Live Journal at the turn of the millenium, and in that time I’ve slowly been shaving back on wordiness and trying to make my writing more spartan and useful. This is a continuation of that trend.

So here’s how it’s going to work: I’ll post work (art, models, scenery, even music or whatever) by myself and others.  I’ll credit the creators, myself or otherwise.  And that’s it.  Comments will be disabled on these posts. If you like something, please go ahead and click the “like” button.  Everything has ‘em these days, even WordPress. And I feed on sweet delicious Likes, just like everyone else.

If I really have something to say, rest assured I’ll say it! And I’ll blow it up for discussion as I always have. But I’d like to shift the bulk of my discussion from in here to out there, in the community.

Oh, and I’m rescinding my oft-broken “no more than 500 words” rule. I don’t want to feel restricted when I do choose to write.

I’m leaving the comments open on this one, because I’m excited but I’m also curious what people think.  Get ready for probably more posts, more visuals, and a lot less words. I see the Beat Ronin in the future as a place people can quickly check out, say “hey, that’s cool” and perhaps share, and then move along to the next thing.

See you soon,