New edition, new inquisitor

With a new edition of 40k I realised I have to build a new Inquisitor. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a character builder – which shouldn’t be a surprise given that I have thirteen Skyrim characters, and ten of them are below level five. And that I can’t quite face building the Skitarii infantry I bought, and seem to instead be embarking on a quest to remove all of my Guardsmen’s heads, replace them with cooler ones, and repaint their fatigues. I’ll er… keep you posted on how that pans out.

So yes, I’m like a lazier, lower-quality version of those Scandinavian guys who build astonishing Inquisimunda warbands all day. I have many Inquisitors, and many retinues, and most of them have managed a couple of games in at least one edition, with varying results. I’ve just last night noticed that the Skitarii vanguard/rangers kit is full of greatcoats with cyborg limbs and arcane weapons – finally a kit perfect for building agents of the Inquisition!

I really wanted my 8th edition Inquisitor to be in a realistic sword-wielding stance, but in all of my bits, I couldn’t find a single suitable right arm, or a leg/torso combination in a fencer’s stance of right leg leading and narrow profile. Everyone in the 40k universe is striding chest first into the enemy, the crazy bastards. Usually with their left foot leading.

So I guess I’m going with striding purposefully chest first into the enemy, head and weapons lowered or maybe pointing accusingly, like the guy on the front of the old Codex: Witch Hunters.


Too many eyes! You’re toast!

For a head I’ll see if I can track down the Eldar guardian bare head that looks like an anime hero. I’ve used it to good effect before, and I think a young male Inquisitor is the ticket this time. The last two have been ladies.

Pictures soon!

6 thoughts on “New edition, new inquisitor

  1. The Warlock says:

    WHFB Empire Flagellants and Archers are your friend! Robes, older style stuff, poofy sleeve to convert to hold lasguns are awesome. Maybe genestealer hybrids- the new kit, not the IG conversion kit+mooks. They come with auto- and shot- guns so they seem perfect for starting something for inquisimunda

    As much as I’m committed to the Death Guard, I think it’d be nice to have gone with the Imperium, but pick and choose units- space wolves marines here, guard in a chimera there, an assassin, basically rule of cool the edition.

    • beat ronin says:

      Yip, that’s what I’m doing. Crusade of motley Imperial elements led by an Inquisitor! I’m actually… (no don’t say it)… I’m thinking of getting some *choke* space marines. Mk VI beakies of course.

      That’s a good idea about the genestealer cultists – there are some great bits in that kit for 40k paramilitaries, like inquisitorial acolytes. I really like the new rules for acolytes, they have 3 wounds each and can tank mortal wounds for the inquisitor. So they feel like how they are in the lore: minor characters and bodyguards for the inquisitors, not just one wound guardsmen.

      The Fantasy kits are good, but not really the aesthetic I’m after for these guys. I want a more golden age SF feel. And archers I’m pretty sure have their left foot leading?

    • beat ronin says:

      Oh and I’m not actually starting inquisimunda. Just more inquisitors for 40k 😀

  2. Thor says:

    Good to see you interested in 40K again. It really is a great time to jump back in. Hell, with free rules you really can’t go wrong.

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah, I’m excited about it again. Really, I just didn’t like playing the actual game, but this is an edition I can get behind. I’m honestly very impressed.

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