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Heresy will stay 7th? Uh, OK I guess

40k 8th Edition is getting closer and closer, and at long last I’ve seen something I’m not too happy about. Forgeworld has apparently confirmed that the Horus Heresy will be getting it’s own rulebook, based on 7th edition.

Now because I am a human being with empathy and the apparently increasingly rare ability to put myself in another’s shoes (take that, internet warriors!), I can imagine that the majority of people who this affects have good reason to be happy. If my local gang are anything to go by, Heresy players have money, and they buy all the books they can, and it would be pretty terrible for them to have to relegate all their old beautiful hardcovers to the status of irrelevant coffee table books. They also have this idea that the Heresy is well-balanced and that 7th works great in the Heresy context. I don’t feel qualified to comment on that, I haven’t played enough Heresy games. The ones I have played did seem pretty well-balanced though I suppose. But that doesn’t change the fact that 7th is a bloated monster of a game, with a new skin stretched over early 1980s bones.

See, I was excited for 8th edition, because having played a great variety of games over the years I feel that complexity in a wargame is almost always a bad thing. What I want, and what I’ve wanted from 40k for years, is a game that captures what I imagine to be the feeling of being a general on a battlefield. And this can only be achieved if you aren’t constantly being taken out of the action by over-written rules. Which I think happens all the time in 40k because it was an ancient behemoth that had slowly changed scale over thirty years and needed to be reset.

And yay, now they’ve reset it! With extensive playstesting and community consultation no less! And… everyone I game with prefers and is heavily invested in the Heresy, and that’s not being reset. So sucks to be me I guess. This is like when Wizards of the Coast pulled the rug out from under the D20SRD and Paizo released Pathfinder to keep the grognards happy. And yeah 4th edition D&D kinda sucked in my opinion, but 5th is better than Pathfinder for precisely the reasons I think 8th 40k will be better than Forgeworld’s (slightly modified 40k 7th) Heresy ruleset.

Eh, I’ll get over it.

Oh and hey, I’m also getting a bit impatient to hear something about the Skitarii/Adeptus Mechanicus in all this hype. I rather unluckily put an onager dunecrawler up on eBay just before the new edition was announced, and no-one is buying it even though it’s much cheaper than retail because presumably they’re waiting for the new edition. Normally I’m a patient guy, but I need money to pay the tee shirt printer so she can start printing some sweet shirts for my art store! So if you want a new-on-sprue spider tank for 65 Aussie dollars plus postage, here it is. Please buy it 😀

Things are looking up

It’s been a fair while since I’ve posted here, and it’s mostly because I’ve been busy with other projects. I’ve been formalising my various art pursuits into a legal and legitimate business. It’s all going very well, if a bit haphazardly. I’m still learning. I’ve had an exhibition, I have several commissions on the go, and I’ve just joined the stable of illustrators for an online SF magazine. So that’s a regular gig! Not much money but every little bit helps and is going into the new account to grow the business. I’ve had to learn a lot of things I didn’t know, and spend some money for set-up and production costs which otherwise might have gone to miniatures gaming.

I say might, because… well, my wargaming and miniature painting hobby is something that I doubt I’ll ever truly abandon, but it’s certainly waned in importance to me over the last few years. I’ve been much more likely to spend my money on art supplies, pizza, going out for a drink, pretty much anything but wargames. I’ve bought one rulebook in the last year (Aetius and Arthur for SAGA) and the only models I’ve bought were some GW Skitarii I got with money from selling some of my collection.

That said: how about that new Warhammer 40k hey?

Looks pretty great to me. I’ve been following the information released on the Warhammer Community page (which is surprisingly entertaining and informative) for a while now, and I have to say, I have not seen one thing that I didn’t like the sound of. Not one. The latest thing to make me happy is the knowledge that every army I sort-of-collect for 40k (Astra Militarum, Adeptus Mechanicus, and the Inquisition) will all be in one book at release, which is soft-cover and not too expensive, and so I can just pick that up and then paint my Eversor and Skitarii projects whenever I feel like it.

In fact I’m so enthused about new 40k that I’m feeling unreservedly positive about Games Workshop games for the first time in what has sadly been many years. I’m thinking I’m going to re-activate my old blog, Warp Signal. I started it when I was really positive about gaming, and I closed it when I started feeling not so positive, and now it feels right to go back and have a rebirth of sorts. I fell out of GW games, by which I mean I stopped buying books, in 5th edition. It’s hard to believe really – it’s been two whole editions since I’ve felt good enough about the whole thing to actually buy a book. And now I think I’ll buy this one, so that’s definitely… something.

Catch you here or there,