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Ranger of Mars!


I’ve sold all of my Tau, and it wasn’t easy. Not that letting them go was hard – that bit was easy enough.  No, I mean all the local facebook groups I put them on seem to be much quieter than they were the last time I sold something, a couple of years ago. They were up on three groups for a week without a nibble, and a fourth group never even got around to activating my membership request in all that time.

Then I got impatient and put them on eBay, and they sold within half an hour to a worthy fellow from Queensland.

So I’ve used the money I got from the Tau to order two of the unusually good value (for GW) Start Collecting: Skitarii boxes. One from Emerald Hobbies in Queensland (thanks to Warlock for the recommendation), and one from a guy on eBay in the UK who it turns out was trading as ++REDACTED++ Publishing. I always liked ++REDACTED++’s RPG supplements. Funny to think that they have a sideline selling warhams to people on the secondary market. Every little bit helps I guess.

I’m very excited about the Skitarii. I also ordered some of these heads from Puppetswar in Poland:


See, I don’t one hundred percent like the hooded heads for the Skitarii rangers. I think they look too monastic. And if you have a vision, there’s no settling for less than one hundred percent right? The drawing up at the top is a sort of concept art pic I drew last night for how I’d like my rangers to look. The ricepicker hat (that sounds racist but I’m not sure why exactly, and I’m pretty sure it’s the common term) with the flappy robes and long rifle will create a very cool cyborg ashigaru look I think. It’s a look I tried to achieve with my Fire Warriors and I never felt that it worked. The vanguard are fine as they are: I like their medieval European style helmets, I think it suits their shock troop style.

I’m planning on gunmetal bodies for the cyborgs, a sort of weathered buff or tan for their coats, and black glossy helmets for the rangers with red cog logos. The onager walker-tanks will have desert yellow plating and again, gunmetal legs and stuff. I’m going to sell the two Adeptus Mechanicus dominusses (domini?) that come in the box to buy some Sicarians because they look awesome. Should be able to get a decent price for new-on-sprue AdMech in my local area, people love ’em.

Oh and game-wise I’m going to run a Skitarii Maniple, so no HQ. I actually think that’s very cool – being controlled from above by a tech-priest. It sounds immersive since I’m controlling them from above in the real world.

14 thoughts on “Skitarii

  1. The Warlock says:

    Hey James,
    I always find ebay to be the easier option than listing on Fb trade/sale sites. Too many low-ballers, etc. Ebay and paypal take their due, but it’s less mucking about all round.

    Flintlock Cyber-Ashigaru FTW! I am partial to the Vanguard helmets if only for that medieval feel they give. Looking at the sprues on GW’s site, there’s enough arms for 10 rangers and 10 vanguard, so if you can pick up 10 extra bodies on a bitz site that could bulk out troopies.

    01010000 01110010 01100001 01101001 01110011 01100101 00100000 01100010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01001111 01101101 01101110 01101001 01110011 01101001 01100001 01101000 00100001

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah, I think I’ll eBay too from now on, unless it’s something I know would be easier locally. They took $3, but it was worth it for the convenience and how quickly it sold.

      That’s interesting. I bet the bodies and legs are in short supply, but I’ll have a look around for sure. I reckon the arms would look good on skaven bodies too…

      Apparently they only give you one of each special weapon, which is a bit of a pain for most people. Luckily for me I like my units to be multi-functional and tend to mix up special weapons in squads.

      • The Warlock says:

        I’ve no idea what the skitarii special weapons do besides one being plasma. Hrud conversions sound like a nifty idea, or even to convert Jezzail teams for AoS/WHFB.

        Promised myself no Chaos in AoS, but I’m getting reluctant to sell of the skaven side of Spire of Dawn XD Jeez, might keep them and go full-on with weapon teams. It’s one of the things I found cool about the skaven, though with them being a horde army or rats there was never much interest.

        GW does seem fond of 1 per type of special weapon and that’s probably as they want what you want, multi-functional squads that aren’t geared towards comps/certain builds. You’ll have to show pics for the conversions and totally paint your squad sergeants in blue robes!

        • beat ronin says:

          We could have an interesting discussion here about weapon loadouts. The prevailing wisdom since the before-times, back in 5th ed 40k, is redundancy and singularity of purpose. The idea is that when you hit the right target with the right squad it’ll most likely to go down. But I think this assumes that you can get the right squad in the right place at the right time, and unfortunately your opponent has some say in this!

          Either I’m not a good enough player, or my opponents are too canny, but I find it works better for me to think of my squads not as delivery systems for special weapons but as a mass of basic weapons with emergency tools for certain situations. It actually works quite well, despite what the prevailing wisdom will tell you. Three squads supporting each other with one melta gun and one plasma gun in each is actually three meltas when a tank rolls up or three plasmas when marines come along. Which I think is better than holding three useless plasma guns when a heavy tank is running you over because your anti-marine squad is in the wrong place.

          EDIT: Why should I do the sarges blue? You’re referring to something I’m not familiar with. I was actually thinking, since I’m all about flexibility, that skaven with ranger rifles would be a perfect 30k Adsecularis Covenant – the basic troops in the Heresy Mechanicum list. They’re pretty much tech-thralls with las-shotguns. Mine could be mutant vat-grown rat-men! Not as much stuff was considered heresy back in the Heresy.

          • The Warlock says:

            *looks at question* *looks at your display pic* Oh, no reason. No reason at all. 😛

            I’ll gather thoughts on the special weapon loadout and get back to you on that

            • beat ronin says:

              Ha, no I’ve chosen my scheme so it gels with my Guardsmen on the table.

              Oh and I forgot to say before, the skitarii special weapons are pretty cool. One is a sweet S6 haywire rifle for busting tanks, one is a 3-shot plasma suicide/terminator slaughtering gun, and one is kind of… a warplock jezzail. But with radioactive rounds instead of warpy ones. According to the forums, it can kind of kill everything, including transports, but is not super reliable.

  2. Von says:

    Maybe it feels racist because you’re white, and talking about the Other, and you know on some level you HAVE to be doing something wrong. Or maybe it’s weeaboo guilt. Either way. :p

    I’ve had more success shifting stuff on Farceboot than either of you, but that might be a regional thing. Britain is, after all, a nation of shopkeepers (and bargain hunters) and most of the stuff I’ve sold has been for games with small, active communities. If I want a quick sale though, it’s eBay every time: Facebook trades have this habit of bogging down into “when I’ve been paid” or “can you hold it until the end of the month” or “sorry this message got caught in the filter”, whereas eBay (being more set up as an actual SHOP these days) demands that we buck up our ideas, commit to spending money and so on.

    I like your thinking in ref. the absent HQ and becoming the controlling intelligence. That’s cool. I wonder if it holds up for Kill Team or other HQ-free formats (or if it’s not the height of gauche egotism to imagine oneself the Daemon Prince playing games with the lives of minions…)?

    • beat ronin says:

      I think maybe anything with “rice” in it referring to Asian stuff sounds like a slur? I dunno. Yeah it’s probably just because I’m white. Or maybe weeaboo guilt 😀

      I’ve had a couple of arguments on social media about the Ghost in the Shell live action movie actually, and whether it’s OK or not for ScarJo to be Kusanagi. I think it’s totally fine for a variety of reasons and I’m very much looking forward to the movie, but man, heaps of nerds are angry about it. Asian nerds, weeaboo white nerds, everyone!

      Basically though I think cultural appropriation is a bullshit thing to worry about. As if “culture” is a finite commodity that can be used up or stolen. It can be erased, maybe, but not stolen. How else are we meant to globalise for fuck’s sake? Especially speaking as an artist too, if you can’t steal interesting things from other people, what can you do?

      Our local fb groups were very active, but now seem to have faded. Probably too much dilly-dallying and haggling and such, as you mentioned.

      As for imagining oneself a daemon prince… not so different from playing a WoD game surely?

      • The Warlock says:

        Having been a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and seeing the god-awful M. Night shamarmalade’s brutal murderizing of it in the live action movie back in 2010, I can say this with certainty: I’m gonna hate the GitS movie on principle. I also think ScarJo is the wrong choice, mainly as she doesn’t radiate the confident as all hell vibe the Major does in any of the other GitS media. #NotmyMajor indeed.

        If you’re stoked for it, that’s great and hopefully my view is the worst-case scenario. 😀 Hell, if there’s Togusa and Tachikomas, I’ll see it on principle of Togusa being awesome and Tachikomas being mischievous little robots.

        Homework: marathon all of The Last Airbender (animated stuff, from like, 2006) then watch the 2010 The Last Airbender Movie.

        • beat ronin says:

          Hating things on principle is not really my thing. You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but have you seen the trailer? It looks just like the anime!

          Granted, ScarJo may not be the best casting decision. Looks to me like she’s trying to act like an anime heroine rather than a bad-ass, which I think is probably the wrong choice. You know what they should have done, is confused the hell out of everyone and cast someone like Zoe Kravitz 😀 Would have really messed up the cultural appropriation debate.

          It also has Tricky (one of my favourite musicians) in it. And Takeshi Kitano! As the chief! He’s my hero, he inspired the “beat” in beat ronin.

          Probably it’ll end up better than you expect, and worse than I’m hoping for.

          • The Warlock says:

            Dude Zoe Kravitz would’ve been awesome as all hell as the Major. 🙂 Hate was probably too strong a word, and my on principle stance is due to previous adaptations of animated series/anime have not transferred over well (see Dragonball, The Last Airbender). Hopefully people say it’s good when it comes out, I did have a similar stance towards The Great Wall when that had trailers shown…

            Maybe I’m just a grump XD

            • beat ronin says:

              Yes Zoe Kravitz is tiny and badass and super hot. I’m not sure why she isn’t cast as the hero in SF action movies instead of the sidekick. I guess the obvious answer is that American sci-fi movies are mostly watched by white people so they make casting decisions accordingly…

              Ah you’re not too grumpy. A bit maybe, but who isn’t these days? Having to see the opinions of idiots you don’t agree with every day is wearing for everybody 😀

      • Von says:

        Are you suggesting some sort of equation between me and the ghastly overpowered necromantic intelligence secretly governing events in my WoD campaign?

        … if you are, you may be on to something.


        “It can be erased, maybe, but not stolen.”

        Interesting that erasure and appropriation are referred to as different things. I suppose they go hand in hand really – take what you like and tune the rest out of history.

        The idea of ‘stealing’ culture seems to feed back to the idea of ‘cultural capital’. It’s been a while since I did any reading around this, so I might be talking out of my arse here, but there’s the idea of culture and representation as something that makes you money and improves your standing in society and gets you noticed, and I can see why it might suck to see this thing that’s yours making money and gathering kudos for other people. Cultural capital *is* finite, albeit elastic – there’s only so much mileage in an idea before it’s played out, and attempts to reclaim or revitalise it don’t always work. That’s what’s really being ‘stolen’ when culture is appropriated, I think – not the cultural artefact but the capital it generates.

        “How else are we meant to globalise for fuck’s sake?”

        People will ask: do we want to, or is it more right-on to localise? I don’t know where I stand on this. I’m suspicious of Big Government, especially when it’s several stages removed from the governed, and the more global a society becomes, the more removed it is from the realities of lives on the grounds (and yes, it’s grounds plural when you’re talking about a global society, unless you want to pretend that life here is exactly the same as life anywhere else, which in a lot of ways it ain’t). On the other hand I’m sitting here chatting this shit on the Internet, to an Australian, and that’s a whole chain of conditions which wouldn’t exist without the concept of globalisation.

        “Especially speaking as an artist too, if you can’t steal interesting things from other people, what can you do?”

        People will say: sit down, shut up, educate yourself, stop producing. The world is not there to receive your views, white boy! These aren’t my views: these are views I’ve internalised from years in the Discourse and being characterised as an oppressor by default. Frankly I wonder if I shouldn’t just lie down in a field and let the crows take me, but that’s probably entitlement and oppression and exploitation in some way. There’s literally nothing one can do without fucking someone over, somewhere.

        • beat ronin says:

          “Interesting that erasure and appropriation are referred to as different things. I suppose they go hand in hand really – take what you like and tune the rest out of history.”

          Well, I suppose that’s the point of dissension in a nutshell – people who think cultural appropriation is a bad thing think that it is erasure, and I don’t. Erasure is murdering everyone and smashing their statues. Copying their haircuts is at worst insensitive, at best an expression of solidarity and inclusion, and usually I think is just benign peacocking: people see something new and the person rocking it looks cool to them, so they copy it to try and get laid. It’s as old as culture itself, and is all bound up with creativity, acceptance and cosmopolitanism. In my view.

          All that stuff about cultural capital is fair enough for what it is, i.e. a scholarly lens that’s been placed over reality by people who were raised in a capitalist milieu and so see everything in those terms. Reductionist capitalist theology.

          But come on, do we really want to be reducing culture to raw economic value, and then telling people which methods of attaining status are culturally appropriate for their background, and therefore permissible for them to practice? Because that’s where this leads.

          Bottom line, if I use some other culture’s artefact and people from that culture ask me not to, I’ll most likely respect their wishes. If another white person tells me not to, I’ll laugh in their face. And that’s why I stand where I do on the Ghost in the Shell debate. The vast majority of people who are complaining are white weeaboos or people of Asian heritage in western countries, many of who are not even of Japanese descent. The actual original creator thinks it’s great! He gave permission, obviously.

          “People will ask: do we want to, or is it more right-on to localise?”

          Perhaps instead of “globalise”I should have said “cosmopolise.”

          Eh, I think complete globalisation is a historical inevitability (assuming no apocalyptic event wipes us out), and the process may already be complete for now, and we just don’t know it. All of these arguments are just growing pains. I just hope we take the United States or India as our final earth-model: a group of broadly similar democratic states with differing regional customs and laws, and, most importantly, a pre-political sense of solidarity that although we may be different, each of our states has a sacred right to their local customs and laws (although certain people in the US and India seem to have trouble with that one). The others can say what they like, but they’re not allowed to actually come in and take away our guns/force us to go/not go to church or whatever.

          The alternative is a well-meaning one-state one-planet utopian model, and we all know from a century and a half of science fiction how that works out. Barcodes on our wrists and soft drink corporations with elite security divisions and black helicopters 😀

          “People will say: sit down, shut up, educate yourself, stop producing. The world is not there to receive your views, white boy!”

          You know, ten, or maybe even five years ago, if someone said that to me I may have collapsed into an introspective funk and navel-gazed for weeks about what I could do to be a better person instead of a white oppressor. Now my response to this would be: fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.

          And that, ladies and gents, is why writers and artists often end up in re-education camps come the revolution.

          Thanks for your comment by the way mate, you must be busy with all the writing and site maintenance at the moment.

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