Gryph-Hounds and Eldar


I stared at these blade-like curves for hours as a kid.

I wonder how many other people around the world saw pictures of the new Age of Sigmar Gryph-Hound thingies and immediately had to know: “would an Imperial Guardsman look good on that thing’s back?”

Apologies if you thought this blog was dead. I doubt it will ever truly die, given my fairly predictable gaming cycle:

  • Stage one: Hmmm. I used to like playing the odd game of Warhams. I wonder what’s going on in that world at the moment?
  • Stage two: Whoa! That’s pretty cool. But holy shit this stuff is expensive. No way am I investing in another army when the last game I played was like a year ago.
  • Stage three: I do like Inquisition though… and Guard will never go out of fashion, right? Maybe if I carefully buy and plan this one unit to add on, it’ll be fine.
  • Stage four: (three months later) Done! Let’s play a game!
  • Stage five: Well that was fun. Games sure do take a long time though. I’m tired and thirsty. And the store is so far away. Maybe I’ll give next week a miss.
  • Stage six: Do nothing miniature gaming-related for a year or so, then return to stage one.

Anyway if you’re a neat person who unfollows blogs when they go dormant for a few months, it was nice knowing you!

For the rest of you who are still here… I’m currently entering stage three. There are some interesting and nice models coming out of GW lately, and I’m curious to see where the 40k not-End Times ends up. I’m still intimidated by how many books keep coming out. And in fact I already haven’t bought two because even though I really wanted them, I was afraid they’d be invalidated before I ever played a game with them. Genestealer Cults and Imperial Agents, if you’re wondering.

I also think it’s great that they are giving away prints of some of Jes Goodwin’s Rogue Trader Eldar artwork. It’s probably my favourite art from that era of GW illustration. Shame I can’t just buy the print without also buying hundreds of dollars worth of Aeldari Reborn or whatever. Ah well. It seems a bit rough to complain when they’ve made some amazing models in the last couple of years for things like the Mechanicum and the stealer cults – stuff I’ve wanted for decades.

Jes’s art really is great. I was just thinking yesterday, the older I get the more obvious it is to me that very few people, even among the so-called creative class, actually have a good imagination. When someone does, it blows everything around it up and lasts for ages. It’s like Lord of the Rings. A whole genre appeared, and for like thirty years afterwards people – who were supposed to be fiction writers, and fantasy ones at that – seemed incapable of imagining villains who weren’t some sort of Dark Lord. It took decades before people started to wonder why the Dark Lord was so Dark anyway, and what if we looked at it from his point of view? Or what if *gasp* there was no dark lord at all in this story?

Anyway, Jes’s Eldar were like that. They were the most original aesthetic in Rogue Trader and the Eldar Aeldari models and art we see today still echo their look. So to speak.

I’m serious, does anyone know if a Cadian would fit on a Gryph-Hound?

5 thoughts on “Gryph-Hounds and Eldar

  1. The Warlock says:

    Great post, 40k’s Thyme of Endyng has me intrigued, if only because of the Craftworld they decided to Fracture (DoW’s Farseer Macha for life). Slow pace is fine as I doubt I’ll unfollow any blog.

    Fantasy genres also need to address what the bad guy would do if he actually won. Ok, you took over the world, now what? Do these villains even know how to run a country?

    I’m holding out for plastic storm guardians/warlocks, then once they’re up for pre-order I’m gonna Biel-Tan up in this s**t, fractured Craftworld be damned. I am tempted by the Ynnead trio, given that the Rhana Dandra is upon us….

    As for gryph hounds and +++REDACTED BY THE INQUISITION+++ shock troops (see the GW blog, it’s hilarious), I’m not sure how they’d fit. The gryphs might be a little small- they’re on a 40mm round by the looks of things but nevertheless I love the sound of the idea! 40k rough riders with a twist! Empire demi-gryphs might be more up your alley given the largeness of those mounts -counts-as sentinels?

    Ooooh, a guardsman riding on a gryph hound or demigryph using a lascannon like a lance…

    • beat ronin says:

      Aaah I think you’re right. It’s hard to get a good sense of scale, because I’ve only seen them next to Stormcast Eternals. But given GW’s liberal interpretations of scale in the past, I’m assuming a Stormcast is about the same size as a Cadian, given that Cadians are about the same size as Space Marines. Which would make the hounds too small 😦

      I’ve just checked the GW blog, there’s heaps on there! It looks quite fun to read too. Hard to believe this is the same company who basically shut their eyes in horror and pulled the plug on their modems during 5th edition 40k.

  2. Von says:

    “… the older I get the more obvious it is to me that very few people, even among the so-called creative class, actually have a good imagination.”

    Spot on. I don’t have much else to say, but this is a Truth.

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