Long overdue picture dump

Well hello there miniatures wargaming blogosphere. I’ve not been posting here at all, for months, because I’ve been too busy doing stuff. Like this:


This is the pirated riptide that rides with my mercenary Tau. Note his replacement foot. I actually lost it while I was putting him together because this kit has a stupid amount of parts. Sometimes… I just wish things came fully assembled.

But not always. This is an old beastlord I had lying around for years, from one of my many aborted attempts to collect a Warhammer Fantasy Battle army. I stuck a giant sword on his back that came from an SD Gundam kit. He is supposedly for Mordheim, but who knows if that will ever eventuate. Either way I like him.

This is my Macharius Omega, my first superheavy. It took ages simply because it’s so big and the tracks! They are sooo boring to paint. With things like this I always put freehand paintings and markings on them because it makes it more interesting to paint. It also looks more like they’re grizzled vets in a warzone. Or at least my Hollywood-inspired idea of grizzled vets in a warzone.


Here is a painting I did for a local exhibition as a tribute to David Bowie. It was my first exhibited painting and it rained all week beforehand so I couldn’t varnish it (it’s an oil painting and you can’t varnish them in wet weather). No-one bought it so now I can varnish it properly.


I’ve also been drawing a fair bit, and I did this design of a banshee and put it on one of those vanity sites where you can buy art on shirts and phone cases and stuff. The link is here if you’re interested. I plan to do more of these, and hopefully they’ll get better and better.

I’ve also nearly finished my Irish hearthguard models for SAGA, but they’re not internet worthy just yet.

Thanks for reading, see you in another few months maybe!



7 thoughts on “Long overdue picture dump

  1. Von says:

    The Beastlord is boss, as is the oil painting – which is somewhat reminiscent of Bakshi’s rotoscoped Lord of the Rings film. I’m thinking of the sequence in Helm’s Deep.

    • beat ronin says:

      Hey thanks Von! It does look a bit like Bakshi’s rotoscopes. And I think that’s vaguely what I was channelling, so that’s gratifying.

      Beastlord rules. I hope the Mordheim game comes about, but people are slack and busy. I have a real appreciation for the beastmen these days. They capture the Christian European horror of the devil and imaginary pagan witch cults, and strongly represent Chaos in the Old World in my childhood memories. I think their aesthetic is oldhammer personified (beastified?), to me at least.

  2. Thor says:

    Lots of great stuff.

    I really like the tones on the Beastlord. You really captured the feel of the model.

    I hate painting tanks. I love doing freehand on them as well, and yours came out great, but all the details and highlighting just drags on and on. It’s the major reason I own so few vehicles. You did a great job with yours.

    Canvas painting has been on my to-do list forever now. One of these days I’ll get to it, probably when I have space to do it. Your painting has a cool Bowie vibe.

    That Banshee piece is awesome. I’ve always loved art where negative space is used like that. I just may have to snag a shirt πŸ˜‰

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks Thor πŸ™‚ I hate painting tanks too. I like what they look like when they’re finished, but actually painting them I find a bit of a chore.

      There is so much to learn with painting on canvas, and I’m enjoying every minute of the journey. When I get the money together I’m going to do a drawing night course at the school of art here, to see if I can take my skills to the next level. I’m realising that drawing really is the foundation, and there’s a reason the French salon artists had to study life drawing for three years before they were allowed to touch a brush! That’s a bit extreme for me as a modern person, but I think some formal classes would give me some more discipline, tricks and shortcuts.

      Once you get an easel you don’t need so much space. It sits in the corner, plus it looks cool. Before I had an easel I was spread out over the living room: the canvas propped up on a shelf, paints on the coffee table, reference pics on the couch. It was a mess!

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