Monthly Archives: August 2015

Glad I have a blog


I go in and out with blogging, and I know it’s probably tiresome to read my agonising. I write too much; I don’t write enough; I don’t have enough pictures; I have too many opinions; I hate the internet; I’m changing my name, etc.

So yeah, sorry about that. My mood fluctuates a lot with the seasons I’ve noticed. Maybe I should see someone about it because I think it’s getting worse…

Anyway, today I just wanted to say that I’m glad I’m a blogger. I’ve lost one of my favourite models – can’t find him anywhere. The Ministorum Priest above.

I’ve had him for… hmmm. Eight or nine years. The way the sculptor captured his confident, tireless pilgrim’s stride is one of my favourite things about him. And my paintjob worked out well too. I just really liked him, even though he’s a simple old-school model. I called him Bastable.

So I’ve been playing in a narrative 40k campaign with my radical Inquisitor’s private army of mercenary guards and Tau. Last week I needed some spiritual support, and Bastable was nowhere to be found. I’ve looked high and low. I had to use a sanctioned psyker model as a stand-in (I have ten of them I never use. Yeah, thanks for that 5th edition).

The ironic thing is that the psyker priest did really well – tying up some plague marines and a sorceror for three turns with his ogryn flock, making save after amazing save with his Rosarius. That witch was blessed by the Emperor!

He’s no Bastable though. This is an opportunity to create my own priest, at least.

And to finally get to my point, I’m glad that I have a photo of him online that I can pull up any time. And not just him, but all of my models I’ve sold over the last few years. The internet is good for something.

Till next time,