Red Sun Corporation



I can confirm that Hanzo, the commander of the xenos mercenary company “Red Sun Corporation” (RSC) is the same individual who was wounded – and presumed dead – by the Ultramarines last year on Gloominwald. It appears as though his blasphemous battle armour was damaged beyond repair, and he now leads on the ground, with his lieutenant and rumoured lover Ayame. His predilection for sudden attacks and bold strategy has not waned, it seems.

More interestingly, I have determined that the RSC is somehow beholden to your colleague, the honourable Lady Inquisitor Lucienne Izumi. This means that she currently has at least two mercenary outfits at her disposal in the sector, and it seems as though she has folded the Kings of St. Arkham into the RSC. I would not presume to guess at her motives.

Faithfully your servant,


++++Yes, that’s my job. Thank you old friend, this is most interesting++++

Work continues on my mercenary army for Warhammer 40,000. This weekend I am playing in a doubles event so I am frantically trying to cram painting into my few spare hours. As the story above relates, Hanzo now counts-as Darkstrider. I’ll be back with more pics later in the week, before the battle.

Till then,


2 thoughts on “Red Sun Corporation

  1. Oakenhawk says:

    I love the Tau Merc idea….

  2. beat ronin says:

    Thanks Oak, I didn’t get them quite finished for the event. They were tabletop standard at least, but there were heaps of little details I couldn’t get to 😦

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