Merc Tau Hammerhead


Above is the mercenary Tau Hammerhead I’ve been working on for a 40k event on the 30th. I got the inspiration from these:


Redback spider

I don’t normally use gloss varnish but I thought it would look good this time. I’m not sure about it. It looks better in the photo, and in natural light, but in artificial light the gloss just looks tacky to me.

Oh well, it’s done now. And it’s growing on me I suppose. The Inquisition sanction has been placed there by the radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who is the mastermind of my mercenary army, so that the Tau can move unscathed through Imperial settlements. I figure your average Imperial citizen is going to be more frightened of an Inquisition seal than they are xenophobic.

Oh, and I have been having a lot of fun on Instagram lately, and have been putting up pictures of models there as well as here. You are welcome to follow me @jimmiespence.

Till next time,


4 thoughts on “Merc Tau Hammerhead

  1. The Warlock says:

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. 😀 Aussie wildlife is the best warhammer inspiration as everything here is deadly! Can’t wait to see more, James.

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks mate, I’m frantically trying to finish them before next Saturday, amidst a work deadline as well. Nearly done with the two remora drone fighters but the infantry are more fiddly 😦

  2. Great job, great story. Consider using a satin varnish, its semi-glossy and would prevent it from being to shiny, while retaining some of the sheen.

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks Evan, and thanks for the suggestion! It’s a bit late now because I’ve weathered over the varnish with pigments, but next time I need something glossy I’ll look into satin. I didn’t think of that.

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