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A film by Eric Wernquist, with voice over by Carl Sagan.

Walking dead for SAGA?

11130184_867026970009655_674888064492861761_nI saw the above image and some associated teasers for Salute (in the UK) on the blog Wargame News and Terrain. It’s from Gripping Beast, the creators of SAGA.

This is really interesting to me, firstly because it relates to my most recent post about cross-pollination of models and themes in games; secondly, just because I have a keen interest in the boundaries between history and mythology, and what people in the past believed in. Despite being a lifelong D&D player, I much prefer mythology and history to high fantasy, and especially enjoy when the two collide. Think The Thirteenth Warrior or even Hound of the Baskervilles. So a mash-up between historical warriors and the creatures of their folklore sounds like a dream game to me.

Norse, Germanic and Celtic peoples all had folk tales of walking corpses, and it looks like that might be what we’re dealing with here. I’ve heard one or two people suggest that SAGA is ripe for expansion into fantasy territory, and if that’s what’s happening I’m really glad they’ve decided to go in the direction of integrating mythology into their historical setting rather than creating a separate world full of generic Dwarves, Orcs and Elves. At least for now.

Of course it could just be some mini-event for Salute, a one-off fun presentation with limited edition models. And that would be cool too.

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Blow it all up

Hi everyone, I was reading Thuloid’s Adepticon report at the House of Paincakes this morning, and the discussion about Mantic got me thinking about the relationship between miniatures and rules. There was some interesting talk about Mantic’s Kings of War, and their strategy of capitalizing on Warhammer Fantasy Battle’s percieved mishandling. I realized that the current norm – companies that are combination miniatures manufacturers/rules producers – is, like most norms, an accident of history. Continue reading