The Loaded Dice Kickstarter: a bar in a games store

webeditJust a quick post today. One of my excellent local – and recently independent – stores, 3D6, is running a Kickstarter to turn their store into a combination bar/game venue. The bar will be called The Loaded Dice.

I’m starting to feel as though I live in gamer paradise here in Canberra, what with the new Reload bar in Civic. It’s gamer-themed, has a Street Fighter arcade machine, a bunch of PCs, and a big screen with consoles, all of which are free to play. And now there could well be a bar attached to a games store too.

There are less than 48 hours to go on the Kickstarter, and they still need quite a bit of money. I understand that many of you are not in Canberra, or even Australia, but there are some fine opportunities available for companies to sponsor this new establishment. I can vouch that the proprietors are professional and innovative business people who have given a hell of a lot to the gaming community in Canberra, and wouldn’t be doing a Kickstarter if they didn’t have the chops to see it through. So please consider it; or at least have a look. If you’re interested in the business of games, it’s an interesting idea.

Plus the tagline is great. “The Loaded Dice: where everybody knows your game!”

Have a good one,


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