Cyberpunk table, so far


Hi everyone. Above you can see my cyberpunk-themed table so far. Well, the good bits anyway. I cut off the parts that were just more empty road. This is about 4′ by 4′, and not enough terrain for Infinity, but it’s almost enough for a 6′ by 4′ 40k game already.

It’s coming along pretty well I reckon.  It looks suitably grotty and dark with splashes of colour, but to be honest the whole thing is a bit too dark in real life, I think.  I might take Porky’s advice, and lighten the asphalt. Or maybe buy some light-coloured tiles from the hardware store to lay over it so I have options.

As always Like if you like it (and you can find the damn button), and if you have any questions or comments, shoot away.

Have a good one,


2 thoughts on “Cyberpunk table, so far

  1. Porky says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a table quite like that, so grotty but also so suggestive of a certain kind of near future. It’s like Blade Runner meets Heartbreak High filtered through a little anime, in a good way.

    Without seeing the actual colour in real life, I think the tiles make sense, and maybe the thinner the better so they seem embedded more than resting, and possibly different shapes and sizes too. Unless the district was laid out as one, which is of course possible in the kind of reality we’re talking about, it seems reasonable to expect a more patchworky nature, with all kinds of surfacing being used at different times, and for repair too.

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah, I’d probably go with lino stick-on tiles, they are thin, light and come in a range of stony finishes. The patchwork idea is a good one.

      Heartbreak High eh? I suppose it does look a bit like a high school quad. Dropping the name of that ancient show is not doing anything to dispel my suspicions that you’re Australian by the way 😉

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