Cyberpunk terrain: skate park and industrial skip

Here’s some terrain I finished a few days ago.

The skate park:
And the industrial waste skip:

bin bin2

I’m particularly happy with the skate park because it’s modular, so it’s great for setting up a varied table, and at first glance it could just be a bunch of generic urban shapes rather than an actual skate park.

For both of these pieces I did what I usually do: sprayed them quickly with a base colour and a highlight, glued the posters on, then scribbled some pastels and graffiti on and sprayed with my ink/water rain mix. Then I matt-sealed the whole thing. The only new element this time was that I bought a white paint pen from the art store for white graffiti, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Five bucks well spent.

The great thing about scenery is that you can stop wherever. I think these are good enough for the table right now, but I can always come back and add rust, metal chipping, more graffiti, whatever. And I fully intend to – I just don’t want to go too far, and make the scenery as detailed as my models, because then I worry that it overshadows them a bit.

Funny how we variously call it “terrain” or “scenery.” I’ve noticed I switch between the two terms a bit. I suppose “terrain” implies that we’re thinking of it in strategic terms, as an element of the battefield to be considered and contended with during the game. But “scenery” implies its main purpose is to make the game look better, and increase our immersion in an imaginative sense. Those two ways of looking at it are an example of the strange dual nature of miniatures wargaming right there: simulation and spectacle at once.

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5 thoughts on “Cyberpunk terrain: skate park and industrial skip

  1. Porky says:

    They both look amazing, and the skate park especially looks almost real. The rusting along the edges of the skip as well – you’re definitely paying attention to how things actually work. I’m also impressed by what’s in the skip – it’s hard to use bitz for things like scrap piles, but not scrimping like this makes it seem well worth it.

    A table with both of these on it is going to look very lived-in, and that’s an attractive contrast with the less worn, more shiny takes we often see on the near future, on a lot of tables for Infinity especially.

    I’d also like to believe the backdrop is the game surface you use – it’s perfect.

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks for the kind words Porky. That’s actually just my back step – it looks like it was blue but the sun has weathered the paint down to the concrete. My table is dark like asphalt, but I think I need to lighten it because you’re right, the background in the photos looks really nice with the models.

      The skip is mostly filled with used printer cartridges and baby food sachet caps!

  2. Mango says:

    Great use of the Tech Deck skate stuff. I found your page googling if anyone had used it for terrain as it looks like a nice cheap bit of kit. Could you tell me how wide the steps are? Just wondering if the stair parts are actually usable for 25mm based models.

    • beat ronin says:

      Hi Mango, sorry for the slow reply! The stairs are not really the right size for any wargame bases unfortunately. Scale-wise they are just below a 28mm models waist, and too narrow to fit a base on. You can balance them there but I find it better in games to just have guys end their move either at the top or bottom, depending on whether they have enough inches left to make it up.

      • Mango says:

        Thanks for the reply. The height of each stair doesnt bother me as they are just abstract terrain pieces but balancing a model on them can be helpful.

        I have ordered a set from china as it looks like a cool cheap terrain set which is also a bit different to the standard industrial terrain out there. I might see if extending the step a little with thin plasticard works, see how it goes, always good fun finding cheap terrain out of toys.

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