Back online

Well, that’s a relief.  I’m back online from home, after nearly four months.  Some linesmen came from the phone company and replaced two of the phone lines near our place, and now it’s all finally working again.  The first thing I did was download Shogun: Total War 2 from Steam, which I bought before we moved and never got to download or play.  Now my computer is bogged down with 21 gigs of Samurai goodness.  Whether I’ll get to play it soon is another matter entirely, since I have a bunch of editing to do at the moment and Dragon Age Inquisition is still slowly burning along.

Enough about everyday things!  To blogging! I may have been… hasty about implementing format changes to this blog.  It seemed like a good idea until I actually did it, and then I was wracked with nightmare visions of hunched, hollow-eyed readers muttering curses against me.  All they want to do is comment on your weird post about how Japanese ultra-nationalists sound like 40k Ecclesiarchy priests!  Why don’t you let them, James, why?

Anyway, stay tuned. I have built and painted some cyberpunk terrain using this Tek Dek modular skatepark from Toys’R’Us:


And this odd piece of desk furniture from a dollar shop filled with bits I’ve collected:


Oh, and these artworks I got from around the net:

Pics of the completed scenery coming up soon.

Take care everyone,


6 thoughts on “Back online

  1. Dragons Claw says:

    Yay welcome back to the 21st century

  2. The Warlock says:

    It’s good to have you back online James 😀

    Those graffiti posters look sick as! The right pic reminds me of Spike from Cowboy Bebop

    Shogun: total war is pretty sweet, the Oda are fun to play as. Speaking of- the warhammer version of Total War is going ahead

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah they’re good aren’t they? It is in fact Bruce Lee (if you didn’t know that already – hard to tell on the internet because no nonverbal clues etc.).

      Total War-Hammer? Cool. That would be the first non-historical one right? I got the upgrade so I could be either ninja or ikko-ikki fanatics as well as the standard guys. The reading room for the archive at my new job is in the ANU Asia-Pacific Library, so I’ve been reading Japanese military history books on my breaks…

      • The Warlock says:

        I think it’s the non-historical one. It’s be interesting to see how the campaign works.

        Thought it -looked- like Bruce Lee as normally he’s posing with his shirt off anf all that.

        Your new job sounds quite awesome, being around so much literature/history must be amazing 😀

        • beat ronin says:

          I really enjoy it. It’s only part time so I don’t make much money but it’s secure (for the next two years anyway) and it is cool to hold really old stuff in your hands, and to be so close to all the books.

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