… just moving house; dealing with a difficult, law-bending landlord; coming out on top; starting a new job; editing two books; living with a two-year-old –  in other words, life has overwhelmed gaming, hobby, and blogging. 

I hope to be back soon(ish), but for the benefit of my international friends, I should reveal that Australia has the worst internet infrastructure (and price-gouging) of any developed nation.  Whenever one of us moves, we have to wait an elastic “ten to twenty working days” (which has been known to stretch to out to a month) from the day we move in before we can get broadband to our new place. We also get hit with a bunch of connection fees because one company owns all the phone lines and they have to grant a lease to your ISP of choice, which is passed on to the consumer.  Long story short, three hundred dollars and a month later and you can finally stop using your mobile (at 50c per Mb) for the net.  I’m in the thick of it now.

I’m seriously hankering for some painting though, and I have a thoughtful post in my mind about the relationship between art and what we do as modelers and painters.  So stay tuned…


8 thoughts on “I ATEN’T DEAD

  1. Dragons_Claw says:

    Glad your still alive always concerning when we don’t hear from someone down under 🙂

    Your internet providers sounds like British telecom 20 years ago thank god for deregulation now adays its cheap and quick

    • beat ronin says:

      Ha! The funny thing about that is, yesterday arvo I was bitten on the arm by something. It was a tiny little sting, a little bit itchy but nothing to worry about. I figured it was an ant. Then by nightfall I was nauseous and had chest pains, and had to lie down for a couple of hours. I woke up this morning feeling OK but like I’d had a couple of beers the night before. I still don’t know what the fuck bit me, which is kind of scary.

      And “the UK 20 years ago” is a pretty good description of Australia I think 😉

      • sinsynn says:

        Friggin’ Australia, man…
        Spider of some sort, maybe?

      • The Warlock says:

        Nice to see you’re still alive! That bite might be a spider, as spider bites can cause that (or at least, Spider bite and Nauseous are usually written in clinical notes).

        Hope ya get your internet sorted. When I moved out, 10-20 working days turned into 1.25 months -_- and all the technician did when he came out was hook up two little wires and bam! internet. Telstra really shouldn’t have that monopoly though, but whatchagonnado?

        Will await with eagerness any art+painting+modelling crossovers 🙂

        Also: +50 internets for Pratchett ref. 😀

        • beat ronin says:

          Ha ha yeah, Granny Weatherwax has got to be one of the great characters of modern fantasy. I love Pratchett’s witches books.

          Never did figure out what bit me. Presumably it wasn’t a redback or something, as I’d have got worse and had to go to hospital. Also they say the dangerous spiders usually have intense pain around the bite, and all I had was a bit of itching :/ Maybe it was an ant or something and I had a bad reaction.

          Sorry for the slow reply. You know why… still no internet.

  2. sinsynn says:

    Missing you, dude. I was just getting ready to start pestering you.
    Glad to hear you’re ok. Good luck with all the nonsense!
    I look forward to your return.

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