Monthly Archives: December 2014


… just moving house; dealing with a difficult, law-bending landlord; coming out on top; starting a new job; editing two books; living with a two-year-old –  in other words, life has overwhelmed gaming, hobby, and blogging. 

I hope to be back soon(ish), but for the benefit of my international friends, I should reveal that Australia has the worst internet infrastructure (and price-gouging) of any developed nation.  Whenever one of us moves, we have to wait an elastic “ten to twenty working days” (which has been known to stretch to out to a month) from the day we move in before we can get broadband to our new place. We also get hit with a bunch of connection fees because one company owns all the phone lines and they have to grant a lease to your ISP of choice, which is passed on to the consumer.  Long story short, three hundred dollars and a month later and you can finally stop using your mobile (at 50c per Mb) for the net.  I’m in the thick of it now.

I’m seriously hankering for some painting though, and I have a thoughtful post in my mind about the relationship between art and what we do as modelers and painters.  So stay tuned…