Official Infinity RPG

I’m not the sort of blogger who shares the latest news unless it interests me. Not much really does, and I find keeping up with gossip tiring to be honest.  But this interests me:

Official Infinity Role Playing Game almost ready for playtesting.

Especially since a while back in a discussion on the House of Paincakes Sinsynn asked readers to predict where Infinity would go next, and I predicted this.  So, being honour-bound not to ignore any opportunity for self-congratulations: I told you so! I probably won’t have time to playtest this amidst other projects I’m working on, and my RPG group is only just learning D&D, but still. Interesting news at any rate.

4 thoughts on “Official Infinity RPG

  1. sinsynn says:

    Wow that is an interesting development.
    The 3rd edition Infinity ruleset will be releasing soon, and corvus belli continues to release new figs in a pretty rapid fashion.
    I’m honest, so I’ll say that I haven’t been thrilled with the changes I’ve seen 3rd. Simplifying things doesn’t always equal streamlining, but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve read the thing.
    I’m glad they’re going the rpg route- now the fluff can be greatly expanded. That’s a good thing. I wonder if the rpg incorporates use of the figs?
    Glad we’re not getting ‘infinity wars,’ or something similar, though, where vehicles get added and the game gets expanded….

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah, I think if they up-scaled it would be a huge and short-sighted betrayal of the setting – they’ve already established that ranks of troops and tanks are not the way war is fought in the Human Sphere. One of the things I like about Infinity is that you can sense that the writers are very proud of and committed to their game’s setting. It bodes well for the future of the IP I think.

      I’m a fan of streamlining, but like you said it’s not always for the best. You have to streamline the right things. I hope 3rd ed is good. I’ve sold my old books!

      And I’m pretty sure the miniatures will be incorporated. It’ll be like the Iron Kingdoms RPG. I got this info from the Infinity Australia facebook page by the way. The designer of the RPG popped up and posted it, and then stuck around to answer questions. He said everything in the game will be in the RPG. Then the group had a discussion about whether the group will be for the Infinity wargame only in future, or for everything Infinity related. It was almost unanimously voted the latter.

  2. rexlogan says:

    Yeah, among my local infinity players, this has been at the top of our “why hasn’t anybody done this yet?” list.

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah well apparently Infinity was originally a homebrewed RPG, later developed into a miniatures game. So it’s a natural fit really. I’m excited to see the setting expounded in English by native speakers to be honest.

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