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Official Infinity RPG

I’m not the sort of blogger who shares the latest news unless it interests me. Not much really does, and I find keeping up with gossip tiring to be honest.  But this interests me:

Official Infinity Role Playing Game almost ready for playtesting.

Especially since a while back in a discussion on the House of Paincakes Sinsynn asked readers to predict where Infinity would go next, and I predicted this.  So, being honour-bound not to ignore any opportunity for self-congratulations: I told you so! I probably won’t have time to playtest this amidst other projects I’m working on, and my RPG group is only just learning D&D, but still. Interesting news at any rate.

Parcel of Tau

Wow it’s been a while since I last posted.  Preparations for the move are going well.  The landlord has calmed down a bit and now we are co-operating to get the best outcome for everyone rather than at odds, which is the way I like it.

In much more exciting news, I got this in the mail the other day:


It’s not actually a Devilfish – it’s a Hammerhead, some Fire warriors and a Crisis suit, so everything I need for my Fallingstar Cadre.  Thanks Warlock! By the way, Wikipedia told me the other day that there was an English composer called Peter Warlock.  Spooky.

I like his beard.

I like his beard.

I’ll get to work on these Tau when the move is finalised in a bit over a week.  Oh, and in other real-world news I have an interview at the Australian National University Archives next week.  I’m very well-qualified and experienced, and it’s 20 hours a week.  Perfect.  Let’s hope I make a good showing on the day.

Have a good one,