Infinity Asura

2014-10-16 10.11.49

Yesterday I finished painting my Asura armed with a spitfire for Infinity.  I’ve always wanted to paint this model and I wasn’t disappointed.  It just has so much character, she looks so powerful and coldly perfect.  Plus she’s not too heavy on the detail.

I was going to go with a Game of Death Bruce Lee tracksuit, but when I looked more closely at the model I discovered she had open sides on her leggings where I was going to put the stripes.  In fact, she could best be described as an armoured cyborg body with some spandex stretched over it.  This nearly always happens to me when I sit down to paint Infinity models: areas I thought at first glance were flat turn out to be covered in sculpted detail.

2014-10-16 10.12.05

I still wanted the yellow and black though, as it signals danger in the natural world and I thought it would look cool. So I thought why not give her black cyborg skin?  The ALEPH non-Greek troops are all named after Hindu beings after all, and I used to have a spooky and awesome poster of the death goddess Kali in my room when I was younger.  She had black skin, red eyes and skulls all over her.  I wonder what ever happened to that?  I don’t remember it much after I met my girlfriend come of think of it…

2014-10-16 10.12.19

Aaaanyway.  Asura “Kali.” Good code name I reckon. Also, is it my imagination or does this miniature’s face look a lot like Australia’s Sweetheart™ Miranda Kerr?

Gratuitous Miranda Kerr picture.

Gratuitous Miranda Kerr picture.

Exactly the same! Except for the glowing red eyes and armoured flesh. Image copyright Corvus Belli.

Exactly the same! Except for the glowing red eyes and armoured flesh (Image copyright Corvus Belli).

Next up are my Irish warlord and hearthguard for SAGA, and then maybe a Domaru or a Tau Hammerhead. I’m really enjoying just flitting around painting whatever I want right now and experimenting with different techniques and ideas. I used glaze medium on Kali for the first time ever and it made the yellow much easier to work with.

All the best,


5 thoughts on “Infinity Asura

  1. Dragons_Claw says:

    Looks great mate the track suit came out really well.

    I started on my fusaliers started green lost my nerve tried to do a mottled blue and green camo scheme and it came out looking a complete arse. The other half started clearing out a cupboard and I spotted a box with some kroot a few marines a some de wyches so in gonna have a few practises before I dive back into infinity

    • beat ronin says:

      Cheers, I like how the yellow came out too. If/when I get more ALEPH models I’m thinking it’ll be the main colour. Her skin looks better in real life but I’m resigned to taking crappy photos now so whatevs.

      I have never once painted camo on a miniature. I tried with some IG years ago and it just looked like a muddy mess, so I decided never again.

      Good find by your mrs – you make a habit of hiding old Warhams models in cupboards? I find the main difference between GW and Infinity models is that the GW ones are easier but take longer. They have more large flat surfaces than the Infinity models. I actually suspect the way Von is doing his Cryx would work well on Infinity models – base coat, shading wash and some spot colours. Too late for me though, I already started painting mine my usual way 😀

      • Dragons_Claw says:

        It wasn’t a conscious hide more lack of use meaning they slowly sank further into the abyss there’s a huge box of 40k scenery in there somewhere.

        I figured it was photography with the skin also I never like to be critical of others hard work particularly when its better tha I can do 😀

  2. sinsynn says:

    I definitely see the Miranda resemblance in that rear-end pic.
    I didn’t know she was Australia’s sweetheart.
    Nice werk dude!

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks man 🙂

      Yeah, she’s from a tiny town called Gunnedah near the larger town I grew up in. I remember around when I finished school, she won Dolly magazine covergirl of the year, and she was only 14 so there was this big controversy about age in the modelling industry. But she’s done well.

      I should have used a studio pic instead of my crappy photo, I swear it looks like her. I’ll go change that now…

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