More cyberpunk scenery: noodle bar + scatter terrain

I’ve been working on more scenery for Infinity, and I’m starting to realise that not only could it be used for any cyberpunk game, it could be used for any sci-fi game, period. Even though Warhammer 40,000 has its own range of hideously expensive skull-bedecked terrain these days, I’m imagining a game fought over my cyberpunk scenery and I’m thinking it would give it a nice, old-school feel.  You know, back when it was OK for an Imperial world to look like this:


Ha ha the punk is taller than the marines.

Anyway, I’ve made some stacks of boxes out of glued-together 1/2″ wooden blocks, and this Hello Kitty money-box from a dollar shop, suitably weathered and graffitied, will do nicely on the table. Or on top of a building even.

It even glows when I turn it on...

It even glows when I turn it on…

2014-09-23 15.06.19

The noodle shop is from BP Laser Terrain.  It was a bit of a challenge to put together, but it’s one of their hardest kits, so fair enough.  I’m particularly proud of the scrubbed-out “Kempei” written on the roof.

Below are the images I chose for the screens on top of the noodle bar, since you can’t really see them in the photo (not to mention one of them isn’t actually on yet).  The first one is by a Japanese singer/illustrator I have just discovered called Aki Akane:

I think her work is very cyberpunk, even down to the slight creepiness.

I think her work is very cyberpunk, even down to the slight creepiness.


Extra points if you can identify the 90's anime this screenshot is from.

Extra points if you can identify the 90’s anime this screenshot is from.

So that’s it for today.  Have a good one,


14 thoughts on “More cyberpunk scenery: noodle bar + scatter terrain

  1. sinsynn says:

    Noodle shop is sweet.
    It’s the Hello Kitty that sells the package though.
    I dunno on the anime- Akira? Fist of the North Star? Doesn’t look Ghost in the Shell-ish…

    • greggles says:

      I was going to say ghost in the shell or akira! Noodle shop looks awesome.

      • beat ronin says:

        Hi greggles, nice to see you 🙂

        I’ll give you another couple of hints: the word “cyber” is in the title. And the english dub was hilariously offensive. So many expletives.

        • greggles says:

          Cybernetic wolf avengers of the far east kingdom, original extended edition ultra.

          Def don’t remember any old animes with cyber in it. I still remember the first anime i ever saw….fist of the north star!

          • beat ronin says:

            Good guess! But no. It’s actually Cyber City: OEDO 808. It was a three-part cyberpunk series, and each episode was about a criminal with an explosive collar who is forced to fight crime.

            That shot is from episode two, when Gogl (a cybernetically enhanced Russian boxer and genius hacker) has to fight a military killer robot as part of its testing. It was a great show.

          • beat ronin says:

            Oh, and Fist of the North Star is a pretty mind-blowing first anime! The first time Ken punched someone and their head exploded three seconds later, I’m pretty sure teenage me’s head also exploded a little 😀

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks buddy. I just have to paint one more building and I have to say Hello Kitty looks pretty great sitting on top 😀

      …and you’ll have to do better than that. I don’t like your chances though, it was a three episode OVA and wasn’t very successful. One of my faves though.

      If no-one has got it in 24 hours I will reveal all.

  2. Dragons_Claw says:

    Looks real good mate I love a good bit of cyberpunk going to have to dig out my copy of Neuromancer now.

    Dread to get think what you have to do to turn on hello kitty 😉

    Not going to guess about the anime cause if the answers not Akira or dominion tank police I have no frame of reference 🙂

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeeeeaah… in retrospect that was a poor choice of words 😀

      I’m reading this book at the moment from the 1950s called The Stars My Destination. It’s billed as the first SF to feature mega corporations ruling earth, cybernetic enhancement, and a few other mainstays of cyberpunk. I have to say it’s really good, very intense. It’s a bit dated but it is from sixty years ago I guess.

      • Dragons_Claw says:

        I’ve been doing some retro sci fi reading recently re read all the John Wyndham novels its easy to forget how good Day of the Triffids and The Midwich Cuckoo’s really were poor film adaptations aside and some Anthony Burgess I really enjoyed the wanting seed but not quite as much as I did when I first read it as a teenager

        • beat ronin says:

          Wyndham was bloody good. I also like some of Heinlein in terms of classic SF. But too much of it at once and I start to tire of hearing about polyamorous West Point graduates who have bones to pick with pacifism and monogamy.

          Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War is another old one I really liked recently.

      • Smoke88 says:

        Alfred Bester is old but still has gas in the tank. “The Demolished Man” is another of his good ones.

        On a completely different note, do you still do freelance editing? One of my colleagues has written a novel that might require editing. I vaguely remember you mentioning in a post (about charging for work) about it. As I don’t know what editors charge I was vague with him, but if you are interested I can get you his number and hopefully you can sort something out.

        • beat ronin says:

          Yes! I do. I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment but I have room for more – especially fiction. Please ask your friend to email me at jamesedits(at)outlook(dot)com if he is interested. If it’s SF or fantasy I also read for a speculative fiction magazine so I have lots of experience working in those genres. I’m up for anything though.

          I’m pretty cheap as editors go (just starting out), but somewhere around 40AUD an hour is what I’ve been charging. It all depends on the particular work how much it will end up costing. Some things I can blast through, and some take longer than average. Everything’s negotiable.

          Thanks for thinking of me by the way. I’m working on a website at the moment 🙂

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