Finished Infinity building + Japanese soldiers

buiding+troopersI’m always promising to show photos and I rarely do, so I’m trying to make more of an effort. Way back I said I’d nearly finished a building for Infinity. So here it is – still nearly finished – along with all I have painted of my 300 point Japanese Sectorial army. I still need to paint a hacker on a bike, a doctor with a yaozao servant, a haramaki with a missile launcher (heh heh) and the second domaru with boarding shotgun.

Above you can see on the roof of the building (from L to R): a ninja standing in for a raiden sniper,* kempeitai, and a keisotsu. On the street are the oniwaban Shinobu Kitsune, a domaru, and Asuka Kisaragi (whose tattoos are looking pretty snazzy from this distance if I do say so myself).

The building uses some of the posters I made up a while ago and some cut-up bits of Chinese newspaper. I was going to LED the interior with help from Bush Craft but I’m thinking I might go full slum style and just nail some balsa wood over the windows so they look boarded-up instead.  Because I lack motivation.  And you want to know why I don’t take photos much?  I managed to drop Asuka and Kitsune onto the building when I was setting up, and they both smashed into a million pieces, as usual, and I had to glue them back together all over again.  As usual.

In other news, SAGA models are being built and primed (Irish and Vikings) and at Wintercon I finally bought this lady, one of my all-time favourite Infinity models.  She’s going to be wearing a yellow and black Game of Death tracksuit I think.  I guess this means my second faction is ALEPH…

*I hear it’s an immutable law of Infinity that if you convert a model they’ll release it straight afterwards, so I’m just going to proxy the ninja until a raiden sniper is released to avoid that fate.

10 thoughts on “Finished Infinity building + Japanese soldiers

  1. Dragons_Claw says:

    Looking really good mate

    Its 4.30 am and I’m leaving for the south of France yay 🙂

  2. sinsynn says:

    It is indeed an immutable law in Infinity- convert a fig and they’ll release one that’s just so sweet you’ll buy it.
    Don’t wanna talk ’bout Gwailos with rocket launchers, but really- why wasn’t that the first Gwailo to be released?
    Everyone loves rocket launchers. This is fact.

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah you gotta have rocket launchers. Come on! What were they thinking?

      I almost converted a raiden sniper out of the oniwaban that comes in the JSA starter, because I still have him in a baggie somewhere. Then I realized CB have released two of the three raiden weapon options. Surely the sniper can’t be too far off. Right?

  3. Smoke88 says:

    As a Richmond supporter I think the yellow and black scheme for an asura is inspired. Likewise as a fan of the model I think it will go well!

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks Smoke! I have visions of an ALEPH espionage force dressed in what an AI thinks passes for human fashion. Should be fun to plan and execute, which is what I’m all about when it comes to painting 🙂

  4. Bush Craft says:

    My missile launcher tank-hunter arm swap conversion is violating the hell out of that law.

    Looks great, hit me up if you decide to light it up and need a little help.

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