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Asuka Kisaragi (the insanity of 28mm cleavage tattoos II: the completening)

Here is my completed Asuka Kisaragi for Infinity, with yakuza tattoos and all.


I wanted the bike to look like military hardware, not a racing bike. She has stuck some cheesy cherry blossom decals on it though and painted the rims pink.  Also, she is wearing too much make-up because that’s just the kind of girl she is.



I messed about with several different designs for the patch on her jacket. When in doubt, go with an Akira reference I always say.

I’m really happy with how she turned out.  I’m less happy with how she looks in the photos.

I’m always hesitant to put up photos, because a) I don’t enjoy taking them, b) it’s a hassle to get them from the camera to the computer, and c) I’m never happy with how my stuff looks in photos.

Photos are like looking at the model through a magnifying glass.  With the resolution of modern cameras, there is just so much information that when you zoom in (or even when you don’t) it’s like looking at the model from far closer than you comfortably could in real life.  So I know this sounds like whining, but I simply don’t have the skills to take photos that do my painting style justice.  I paint too impressionistically.  These ones were taken with a good camera (Canon EOS 6D) and a standard lens.  A macro lens (which we had on our old camera) is even worse.  At this point I’m assuming that all of the people who’s work looks great in photos paint in that perfectly smooth airbrush style that doesn’t show any brush strokes or, indeed, paint texture.

For example, here is Asuka’s face at the actual size the camera took the photo:

Asuka face

This is actually what it looks like in real life… if you have a magnifying glass.

The main pictures above are as close as I could get to how it looks to the naked eye.  Any photography tips would be welcome; it actually bums me out quite a bit.

Completed commission: Ulthwe Farseer



Well, I’m back after my short hiatus.  No amazing news on the job front but I have got my time re-organised to cope with the changes in my life at the moment.  I’m going to make an effort to show more work on this blog, starting with things I’ve promised but never delivered.  So here is the Ulthwe Farseer on jetbike I did a little while ago for someone.  He asked for a female Farseer wearing partial armour and partially robed, and a freehand painting on the canopy.



I went with a picture of the goddess Isha, patron of Ulthwe, who if I remember rightly is the one who collected all the bits of Khaine after he was butchered.  Maybe her tears were magical or something?  I don’t really remember.  She has one eye covered because her eye is the symbol of Ulthwe.