Bye for now

Just a quick post today. I’ve fallen into some difficult financial circumstances in the last few days. I’ve just found out that due to government budget cuts, everyone in my section at work has had their hours reduced by three quarters. Luckily I have an editing job on the side at the moment, and it pays well, but the project will be finished in a couple of months.

I’ve sent out a burst of enquiries to every non-government library and archive in my city, but it’s not looking good. All the universities have also suffered cutbacks.

What I’m getting at is that I am going to stop all blogging and gaming for the foreseeable future while I concentrate all my efforts on getting a stable income again. I’m expecting I’ll have to go back to night shifts packing shelves or picking and filling at a warehouse for a while. I’ve squirrelled away a bit of money for models once this crisis is past but my budget for fun stuff is now officially zero.

So I wanted to let my readers and my friends here, and on other blogs and networks like the House of Paincakes (hey, even on facebook), know that if I’m not around for a bit, this is why. I’m on a war footing, looking for future editing jobs and a day job I can rely on.

Take care,


8 thoughts on “Bye for now

  1. Dragons Claw says:

    Shit one mate my best to you hope we see you back soon.

  2. thuloid says:

    Take care, James. Hope things come together well for you & yours.

  3. sinsynn says:

    I haz sad.
    Your presence will be missed, my brother.
    Fer realz fer realz.
    Viya con dios, and come back soon.

  4. beat ronin says:

    Thanks friends. I hope it’ll only be a few weeks. This is not an angst-ridden “I’m quitting blogging monent” at all – I just need to focus completely on doing the right thing by my family. Should be all sorted soon.

  5. The Warlock says:

    D: Hopefully you find something to keep the $ rolling in. We’ll miss your presence but life takes precedence. All the best mate

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks mate. Canberra is living in fear at the moment, most of the 6000 public service jobs that Abbott wants to cut are coming from here, because he knows that the rest of Australia doesn’t give a shit about us. It’s going to be devastating to the local economy.

      Normally the War Memorial is pretty resilient to budget cuts because Strayan Anzac spirit, but this time even we’re feeling the pinch. Our section was cut from 40 shifts per week down to 10. Divided between seven of us. It’s not actually enough to deliver the service that we’re mandated to give to the public, so it’s going to be interesting.

      Anyway gotta go, writing job applications for Bunnings and Office Works 😦

  6. Dragons Claw says:

    I’m working nights at the moment too doing some security work for an old friend very dull but undemanding and I’m catching up on some reading and in one corner of the unit I can pirate the free wifi from the McDonalds that backs onto the park so here I am commenting at 2.20am 😦

  7. Smoke88 says:

    Abbott has been working so hard to make sure his rich mates get richer. Guess he forgot about the rest of us.
    Hope you find something soon dude, I know how it feels to be stung in the wallet by other peoples decisions.
    Take care

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