Goodbye old friends

I’m feeling a little sad today, because I just sold some of my Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Guard tanks, and was surprised to find that I was more attached to them than anything else I’ve sold before miniatures-wise.

The two chimeras oft-used by the officers of my 5th edition Guard army, the St. Arkham Rifles, joined the stubborn Leman Russ Anathema and the Banewolf Hell’s Breath, with its crew-painted skeletal artwork, and left to hopefully fight another day.  I loved those tanks.  They crushed many enemies in casual games, campaigns, and tournaments over about five years, and were heroically destroyed probably just as many times.  But they always came clanking back.  I couldn’t bring myself to part with my Leman Russ Demolisher Storm Giant – she’s staying with me, at least for now.

I got enough money to finally buy the few models I still need to round out my 300 points of Japanese Sectorial troops for Infinity, plus a starter box of Irish for SAGA to go with my Vikings.  It’s a pretty good effort.  I’m not a good enough painter for people to pay top dollar for my stuff, but I’m good enough that my paint jobs don’t actually detract from the value of the model! How much people will pay usually depends on how much they like my style.  So I’m happy to be able to get so many new models with the proceeds this time.

It’s still sad though; I’ve learned that it’s not the paint-job or how long I have had a model that determines how attached to it I am – it’s the memories of battles.  And, wierdly, I don’t have the same feelings for infantry models.  The tanks are where my heart is and I never knew until now.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye old friends

  1. sinsynn says:

    Welp at least da money is going to a good cause- moar Infinity.

    • beat ronin says:

      Yep. Need more samurai! I just need a domaru with shotgun and a haramaki with a missile launcher and I have a full 300 points, most of it painted. The money left over I’m going to quickly sink into more SAGA models before it goes on something boring like bills. Things are very bad with money at the moment at our place. Our PM is ruthlessly slashing everything to avoid an imaginary financial crisis, and one of the things slashed last week was three quarters of my shifts 😦 Anywaaaay, that’s probably a whole other post. I’m tempted not to buy more models and just sell everything and put it in our savings.

      Nah. Need more samurai 😀

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