My life in games: 1990-93

Part II of My Life in Games, where I unashamedly reminisce about all the games that I’ve had a special connection to over my life.

  • 1990-91: I spent a lot of time at the arcade, putting all my measly money into Final Fight and original Street Fighter.  My friend and I would go down about 9 am on a Saturday and leave when all our coins were gone.  We eventually won Final Fight (I played as Guy and my friend was Hagar), but we were no match for Sagat in Street Fighter.  Only the older teenagers could beat him.  I also played a lot of Alex Kidd and Wonderboy on my friends’ SNES, and Altered Beast, Sonic, Mega Man X and Golden Axe on my other friends’ Mega Drive.  We also continued to play D&D.  One of my friends was forbidden to play by his Catholic grandmother.  D&D was getting a bad rap in the media as some sort of devil-worshipping cult.  I gave him a set of dice for his birthday and she confiscated them and threw them away.
  • 1992-93: Ninja Turtle mania hit my school and we started to play Palladium’s TMNT & Other Strangeness as a bit of a break from D&D.  This led to briefly experimenting with some of Palladium’s other systems, like Heroes Unlimited and Ninjas and Superspies.  We then discovered that we could combine these games in an unholy feast of Kevin Sembieda-inspired lunacy.  Essentially it all imploded in a giant festival of overpowered teenage boy alter-egos, culminating in us shooting the Shredder with an AK-47 and assassinating Vanilla Ice while he was on stage.  Being able to make any sort of character we liked was too much for our power-hungry adolescent brains to handle, and we soon lost interest and switched to Shadowrun, which was disappointingly realistic by comparison.  Every week our characters died because in Shadowrun, if you get shot you tend to die.  I got really carried away with the Shadowrun background and started to write my own Australia sourcebook.  I also began collecting and painting Games Workshop armies in earnest: Dwarfs for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Whatever the Hell I Felt Like, Mostly Squats for Warhammer 40k.  We didn’t play 40k much at all but we had a good go at Fantasy.  My own group of mates preferred RPGs but my brother and his friends really took to Warhammer so I often played with them.  We had a table tennis table in the garage which was great for epic Warhammer battles.

Next time it’s 1994, when I really started to play Street Fighter…

8 thoughts on “My life in games: 1990-93

  1. Dragons Claw says:

    Wow your 1990 – 1991 sounds a lot like mine did you ever play the original street fighter where you had to whack the pads to determine how hard you kicked and punched that was bad ass and very tiring I had Alex the kid on the Sega master system but i never beat the final baddy I’m sure the computer must be cheating because there’s no way you could lose rock paper scissors that many times with out some shenanigans going on. The other game that had me really hooked at that time was bubble bobble which is my avatar on discuss knew the cheat codes for the arcade machine so could play for hours on 10p.

    • beat ronin says:

      Hey Dragons Claw sorry for the slow reply. Nah, I never saw the whack pads one! We only had one with a stick in my town.

      And come to think of it I don’t think I ever won Alex Kidd either. Games were cheating bastards back then.

  2. Dragons Claw says:

    No worries dude real life can be a bitch hope your little uns feeling better.

    suffering the opposite at the mo too much free time ill get my self in trouble. I grew up in a seaside town so there were loads of arcades I moved back recently and arcades suck balls now there almost all gambling fruit machine type thing with whole sections for over 18s only and most of the games are really old obviously the moneys in robbing people with a gambling addiction now, makes me worry a bit about the generation coming up because playing machines or getting stoned under the pier was all there was to do now there’s just the second option.

    I’ve spoken to loads of people and im still to find anyone not from Felixstowe who remembers the whack pads maybe Charlie mannings amusements had the only one in the world? although most people only remember street fighter 2.

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah the ones here are still pretty much the same – no pokies (fruit machines) – only the games are all racing ones, and those skill testers where you use a claw or stack blocks and win a crappy prize. No SF to be seen 😦

      You know what my other favourite arcade game was? Ghosts n’ Goblins. I was going to talk about Ghouls n’ Ghosts next time. Godamn but those games were hard. My brother got me an old SEGA a couple of years ago and I got Ghouls n’ Ghosts off eBay. I can’t get past the second level now!

  3. Dragons Claw says:

    I wasn’t just imagining it

    you really can find anything on the internet told you I had too much time on my hands

  4. Dragons Claw says:

    I remember ghosts and goblins and rainbow island i must have spent an hour or so on that arcade museum site just flicking through the machines and seeing games i hadn’t thought of in years operation wolf, paperboy 720 the skateboard game and also do you remember the the holographic games dragons lair and time traveler where they projected the image in 3d like in starwars the games where terrible just choose your own adventures and your use of the controls dictated which scene you got shown next but i thought at the time that this was the future and that the games would get better but it must have been some kind of technological dead end because i never saw another one

    ten i found this which brings us neatly full circle

  5. Bush Craft says:

    Damn Ghost ‘n Goblins to hell! To hell, I say!

    So friggin’ hard…twenty years later and I’m still sore about it.

    • beat ronin says:

      You know, I barely remember Ghosts n’ Goblins. The funniest thing about Ghouls n’ Ghosts is that once you get through it, you get sent back to the beginning to do it all again but harder. Only after you’ve completed it twice do you get the princess back. Amazing. Imagine if CoD did that?

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