Iybraesil Eldar for sale


The next models I have up for sale are my Iybraesil Eldar, the last project I started for Warhammer 40,000 before I pretty much stopped playing it.  Kieran from the excellent blog Do You Have A Flag? had first claim on them (as a result of his asking when I closed my old blog) but since he has bowed out, I’ve put them on eBay.

Here is the auction.

I tell you what, you think other game systems are starting to gain some traction in the market, and then you put a 40k auction up and you see just how enormous the game is world-wide.  The bidding has already passed fifty dollars and I only put them up a couple of hours ago.  In one hour there were three times as many watchers as my Infinity TAG got in a week.

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