Things to do, models to paint

On the Australia Day long weekend the family and I travelled to the coast for my friend Ben’s wedding.  I’ve linked to his blog before.  At the wedding we talked about miniatures (as you do), and Ben asked me if I’d like to swap a miniature for one of his paintings.  I agreed, and now I’m starting to think about what model I would paint for him.  Like just about every guy I know, he’s dabbled in Games Workshop games (Warhammer Fantasy Battle I think), so I was initially thinking I’d paint the Skaven Screaming Bell as I think it’s a great model and I’ve always wanted to paint it.  But now I’m thinking that there’s a whole world of miniatures out there, why go with Games Workshop?  Or even 28mm?  There are lots of really impressive 54mm models out there that are maybe even better as display pieces.

We shall see.

In other news I successfully sold my first model on eBay (for more than $1!), and might have found a buyer for my Battle Sisters, the Order of the Revenant Maiden.  Now I just have to finish painting one squad, as I realise that they haven’t been detailed.  I gave up on them in disgust and switched to Infinity models a year or so ago at the thought of having to paint twelve near-identical models, again.

Does everyone else find it as hard to get hobby stuff done as I do?  I used to have the problem of too many projects that I actually wasn’t very enthusiatic about.  Now that I’ve fixed that by resolving to paint and then sell, I find that I have hobby stuff I’m excited about doing.  The problem is my other responsibilities (my paid work, my writing, and some editing I’m doing on the side) seem to have crowded everything out when I wasn’t looking.

Bah, it’s too hot anyway, my paint practically evaporates as soon as I open the lid.

4 thoughts on “Things to do, models to paint

  1. Bush Craft says:

    Its got to happen in increments, a few minutes each night and maybe a few hours on weekends. Better time management (or simply more efficiency). Got to pick one activity, cant manage to do them all.

    But you’ve heard all that before. Nothing new too add, I’m afraid. I havent found the magic wand that let’s me do everything I want, either, and if you do please met me know what it is.

    The ONE THING I have to add that may actually be useful is this: Delineation. My wife and I alternate watching the kids on weekends. Each takes a day off, or mostly off, and leaves the house to do what they want. That way we’re not both sitting there on the couch watching Barney or Yo Gabba Gabba and silently cursing our fertility.

    I paint a bit about every other night before bed, maybe 30 minutes or an hour if I’m lucky, and game guilt-free on Saturdays. Then watch the kids Sunday while she takes off. I have rare binges where i do things like paint an Infinity army in a series of nights (or one long Saturday). It gets me by, and as family men we have to come to grips with the fact that gaming six nights a week is for bachelors. Its never gping to happen again. On the plus side, non-bachelors don’t have to settle for virtual sex. So at least there is a silver lining to accompany the lack of gaming!

  2. beat ronin says:

    There is that!

    Yeah, I think I need to do just a bit every night. Or at least aim for that – I know from experience that if I aim for every day with something I might get once or twice a week, which is better than nothing. At the moment my “little bit a night” is being taken up with some editing work, but that’s a short-term project which should be over in a month tops. It can be hard to see past the immediate situation though when you’re busy. Sometimes it all just seems like it’ll never happen.

  3. Thuloid says:

    A bit every night gets me somewhere, but I need binges to complete anything. Otherwise I just keep dabbling away at the same stuff, never quite getting there. Deadlines allow me to finish.

    Glad that something sold. Right now, I’m just trying to establish some kind of regular gaming rhythm in a new city. Slowly, it’s happening. May need to paint a bunch in the near future–a WHFB escalation league calls, with bonus points for models painted. Oh, and looking very hard at Dropzone Commander.

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