The army that never was

Even though it turns out I can’t play in the 40k campaign I was invited to, I keep thinking about it.  I suppose when you’ve played a game for much of your life and have delved into every aspect of it at some point, it’s easy to get into that headspace again without even really trying.  I’ve been playing with the list I would have taken to the campaign in my mind, trying to get it to perfectly express what I want it to.  I was interested in a list that would suit my playstyle, not be a complete push-over, and require minimal new purchases.  So here it is for interest’s sake: the army I would have liked to take to the campaign if I had participated.

It’s an odd army, but I think it has a lot of unexpected potential and it’s sort of a shame I’ll not get to play with it.  But hey, if you don’t have the time and money to build a 40k army, at least you can do the next best thing: come up with a theme and a list and basically do everything but actually make it happen.  Like playing Fantasy Football I suppose.  It’s probably a better idea in the long run seeing as I was pretty sure I wasn’t very interested in playing the game anyway.

My theme is this: an unscrupulous mercenary colonel and his band of desperadoes hire a de-frocked techpriest and a bunch of ogryns, “acquire” some big guns, and team up with an ork freeboota kaptin.  Mayhem ensues.  Simple, brutal and straight to the point.

So here it is, MERCS AND ORKS (2000 points)

  • Company Command Squad (plasma guns, medic, carapace armour)
  • Techpriest Enginseer, 2 servitors
  • 2 x Penal Legion squadron
  • 2 x 6 Ogryns in chimera
  • Ordnance battery (2 x medusa)
  • Ordnance battery (basilisk)
  • Aegis defence line, quad gun
  • Warboss (power klaw and eavy armour)
  • 8 Nobz with eavy armour and a variety of weapons
  • Looted wagon, skorcha, ‘ard case

In terms of game play, I think this would be a scary one to face.  There are a lot of very strong, furious, multiple wound models roaring across the table at you.  The techpriest sits on the quad gun shooting flyers and repairs the artillery if necessary.  It looks light on resilient troops at first glance, but the nobz are troops due to the warboss.  I know from experience that a medic and carapace armour make a company command squad annoyingly tough, and three veterans with plasma guns will seriously harm most things they aim at.

Oh, and don’t let anyone tell you Ogryns suck.  Maybe if you don’t take enough of them; but two largish squads is going to be  a real pain for the opponent, especially with a bunch of ork nobz and a warboss rammed down their throat at the same time.  Their shooting alone is very underrated and decimates infantry and light vehicles.  I’m not saying they’re the answer to all of your problems (they’re expensive and do have flaws) but I’ve seen a lot of online pronouncements of their worthlessness that tell me very clearly that the person pronouncing has never used them or seen them in action.  I have.  A lot.  And they can be a nasty shock, take my word for it.

I also think this list has excellent campaign potential, as many of the units are very survivable.  The only glaring weakness is I don’t have anything for dealing with heavy armour, but I can always just evade and ignore (and hit them with the big guns).

That was fun.  I should come up with more complete army packages that I’ll never build.

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