To 40k or Not to 40k…

My friend has been trying to convince me to join a narrative Warhammer 40,000 campaign at Good Games.  The guy running it has put in a lot of effort to set up the background, and apparently in the last campaign he went so far as to make secret missions tailored to each army, and award prizes for best theme and background.  The stuff he wrote really sucked me in and made me feel as though this would be a fun way to get out of the house every couple of weeks.

Then, I came up against all of the problems with Warhammer that made me stop playing it in the first place.  Oh, they say they want you to Forge the Narrative, but what was my idea for the campaign?  A radical Ordo Xenos inquisitor who is using an Ork weirdboy to track the artefact that is the campaign’s objective: a frozen piece of the Emperor’s force-lightning, preserved since the Horus Heresy (the weirdboy wants to eat it).  There is a nice narrative confusion about who is using who, and I get to use Orks and inquisitors at the same time.  All good.

Except that there is a new Inquisition Codex Dataslate, and now there are no options for radical inquisitors any more.  Orks and Chaos (among others) are never allowed to ally with Inquisition units.  So much for radical inquisitors of all three major Ordos.   I just don’t understand why they bother putting these arbitrary limitations in place.  It certainly isn’t for game balance.

Right, so then I re-jig my background to be a human mercenary captain using the weirdboy, and the weirdboy using the mercs.  So Imperial Guard with Ork allies, on the Forces of Disorder side of the campaign.  Now I can just jump in right, I mean I have an Ork army and a Guard army still unsold, I can do some fun modeling and modify them so that they are now mercenaries, expecially for the campaign.  Sounds like about the right amount of hobby I can reasonably expect to get done between games.

But this is 6th edition and my armies were built for 5th and 4th edition, respectively.  So now I have to buy – choking on Games Workshop’s prices all the way – some sort of flyer, or a hydra tank, or a freaking fortress with guns on it.  Or maybe even more Orks or Guardsmen.  Oh god, please not that.  And then build it and paint it.  And then I sat down to make a list, and it was boring.  Apparently I’m still burned out on endlessly tweaking points, and still want to play something that doesn’t have such an emphasis on list-building.

This is not sounding like fun.  I mean the campaign will be fun, no doubt.  The people are great and the story sounds compelling.  But the thought of all the other stuff I have to do just to play in it is turning my stomach.

Warhammer.  It has so much potential and it’s just such a . . . disappointment.

10 thoughts on “To 40k or Not to 40k…

  1. Thuloid says:

    Yeah, as a new guy in town, I’m looking for gaming circles that play pretty much any mini game but 40k. I draw the line there. I just will not build a 40k army right now.

    • beat ronin says:

      Hi Thuloid. Yes, I have a bad feeling about the future of GW’s games. My intuition tells me that we are in the end times, for real now, and starting new armies is a bad idea. I’ve enjoyed their games for years, but I’m not a fanatic about it. I can let go quite easily if I feel that they are expecting more of me as a customer than I am willing to give.

  2. The Warlock says:

    Ebay and local game stores are your friend! 🙂 It is a shame though that you can’t go the radical inquisitor route 😦 The dataslate/codex inq. was a big letdown. My advice for coping with flyers is:

    $35-41AUD for an Aegis defence line. AA probs solved, especially if you stick someone who’s BS5 on it. Or just pour tonnes of dakka into snap shooting a flyer. Or, a little bit more into a bastion with the icarus lascannon. OHKO them flyers outta the sky! plus 4 heavy bolters one what is essentially a static land raider is neat.

    Personally, I’m tossing up whether to go get the aegis or scour ebay for a storm raven for my AA. A HS, AV 12 all round flyer, with 12 dudes and/or (the ‘and’ bit is really cool) one dread and an assault ramp (Squees! Assault from disembark) plus a boatload of firepower.

    • beat ronin says:

      Hey Warlock. As it turns out, it’s a moot point – the games are on Thursdays at seven, which is the one evening I can’t do because the not-wife works late and I have to care for my son. I was a little disappointed, but mostly I’m relieved, which I guess is a sign that my dislike of the paraphernalia of 40k outweighed my desire to play a cool narrative game.

      I think what you said is good advice though. If I was playing, I’d just build an orky looking wall out of bits and then I’d have at least something to combat flyers.

  3. Knight of Infinite Resignation says:

    looters are actually very good anti flyer, from sheer dakkka.

    • beat ronin says:

      Hi and welcome Knight of IR. I actually don’t have any looters, since my Ork army was built for 4th edition – the last time Orks totally sucked, as it happens. Before they became serviceable in 5th edition.

      And I’m not really in the market for buying more infantry. Even if I was going ahead with the game, which I’m not. But er . . . thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  4. pascalnz says:

    you can have an inquisitor:). imperial guard primary with inquisition dex battle brother not really an ally slot and ally the guard + inquisitor with the orcs…. done! 🙂

    • beat ronin says:

      Hi pascalnz, and welcome to the blog. Looks like you’re right. It’s a bit elaborate and arcane as solutions go, but it works! Like I said to The_Warlock though, it’s a moot point anyway since I can’t make the games due to other commitments. I’ll keep that in mind though, who knows what the future will bring?

  5. Bush Craft says:

    Sounds like the people are the only fun part of the game anymore.

    Keep the people, swap the game out, and have doubled your fun?

    • beat ronin says:

      Hey BC, the problem is that these guys, these narrative dudes . . . they’re lovely guys, but they are heavily invested in 40k. They’re the guys who are going down with the ship when the game finally tanks, weighed down by their rooms full of stuff.

      One of them has THE ENTIRE ULTRAMARINES CHAPTER WITH SUPPORT STAFF, fully painted, and he didn’t even buy that monstrous deal GW had a litle while back: he just bought them over the years. My mate has three titans. One of the other guys has something like 35,000 points of Forgeworld vehicles. They’ll listen politely to suggestions of other games, and then go back to 40k without even a second thought. I’ve tried.

      Oh wait, some of them have given X-Wing a go but I’ve never been grabbed by games about spaceships.

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