Painted Shang Ji

Here is a Shang Ji heavy infantryman from the game Infinity.  I think the rear of this model is almost as interesting as the front, which is unusual.

Questions and comments welcome as always,


6 thoughts on “Painted Shang Ji

  1. Dragons Claw says:

    Looking good mate love the base too

    • beat ronin says:

      Thanks, its just the slotta he came with, and I put some smashed cement made of air-drying clay and a long-neck bottle from an old Games Workshop Bretonnian kit on it.

  2. Looks so good!! I love the soldiering on through the rubble feel to him. And amazing base !

  3. beat ronin says:

    Thanks for the kind words cappuccinogaming. And welcome to the blog!

  4. SinSynn says:

    He’s got a fat azz….

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