Infinity Storage Unit and Abandoned Shop


Fang Qu, the most famous Gui Jia in the world,* is stalked by Japanese Separatists.

Here are some buildings I made for the game Infinity using simple materials and the posters I created a while ago: a closed-down import/export business and a storage unit.  Rather than realistic, I wanted them to look stylized and anime-esque.  I also wanted to use easy painting and weathering to give the impression of a city at night.  These are my first attempts, so I’m keen to perfect the idea in the future.

Here are the steps I followed if you’re interested:

  • Spray the buildings dark blue all over and then lighter blue from above.
  • Soak cut-up pieces of a Chinese language newspaper ($1.20 at my local newsagent) in water mixed with a little PVA and stick them all over the buildings.
  • Stick the posters over the top of the newspaper with PVA glue.  Colour them in grey with a copic marker (to reduce the saturation and make them look as though they are in the dark).
  • Use ground-up brown and orange and black artist’s pastels to draw filth on the buildings, especially the edges.
  • Spray the whole lot with a water bottle full of water tainted with brown and black ink.  Smear the powders around a bit.  Let it dry.
  • Use metallic pens and various other markers to write graffiti.
  • Seal with a matt sealer.

The neon sign was made by simply sticking the sign as-printed (i.e. not coloured in grey with the marker) on some foamcore.

I hope to improve the look with future buildings but I think it’s a good start, was easy to do, and has only cost about ten dollars so far not including the paints, markers and other supplies which I already owned.  I think it would be great to perfect the method and use it on commercially produced model buildings, maybe with LEDs to light them up.

Questions and comments welcomed,


*I’m not joking.  Do a Google Image search for “Infinity Gui Jia.”  Never seen action and she’s already internet famous.  That says something about internet fame I think…

2 thoughts on “Infinity Storage Unit and Abandoned Shop

  1. The Warlock says:

    Hey James/Beat Ronin, two words: F**king awesome

    Pretty sweet for a first attempt 😀 you should share it on the Aus infinity facebook page

    • beat ronin says:

      Hey thanks! I already did actually 😉

      I think the effect came out nicely but the buildings weren’t thought out enough. The storage unit is OK because it’s a simple structure, but the other building kind of looks to me like what it is: a small painted shoebox. Just a few details like windows and door-frames would make a lot of difference I reckon.

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