Cyberpunk Clothing


And no, I’m not talking about putting goggles on your head and sticking wires through your jacket.

I’ve been looking for a good, tough, rain-resistant messenger bag to carry my books around in for a while now, after wearing out a series of temporary tote bags from clothing stores.  I’ve had my eye on Think Geek’s Bag of Holding. I’ve been a proud Dungeons and Dragons player on and off since I was a boy, and I want that D20 logo.

The only problem is that it’s a Think Geek exclusive, and like many American companies they have an agreement with certain courier sevices guaranteeing them cheaper shipping within the USA at the cost of monumentally, ridiculously expensive shipping outside it.  Think Geek now offers budget shipping to Australia for small parcels, but unfortunately this bag is not one of them.  As of the time of writing it is on sale at 33% off (so get on it if you’re in the USA), but even so the shipping is significantly more expensive than the bag.  I just can’t bring myself to do it. I never pay more for shipping than I do for the item, it’s one of my Rules.

So I was looking online, trawling for alternative bags that looked good and weren’t obviously poor quality, when I came upon this place: memetic tees.

I’m a bit of a sucker for cyberpunk designs on clothing when they’re done well.  The only Kickstarter I’ve ever backed was the tabletop skirmish game Ghosts of Heifei, and I did it mainly to get a T-shirt.  Sadly, most cyberpunk designs I’ve seen aren’t the greatest.

Memetic Tee’s designs look pretty flash to me, and the quality looks good too.  I can’t vouch for them at all since I haven’t ordered anything (yet), but I’m pretty sure I see a cyber ninja hoodie somewhere in my future.  Plus they ship to Australia at reasonable enough prices.


I just thought I’d share the site for any other sci-fi gamers or science fiction fans reading this who might be interested.

All the best and stay safe in the meat world,


4 thoughts on “Cyberpunk Clothing

  1. SinSynn says:

    Well…now I’m totally gonna need a xenomorph hoodie. Just another thing to add to the list of stuffs I want ‘when I get money,’ which is like, my new catchphrase.
    That xenomorph hoodie IS crazy hot though.

    • beat ronin says:

      I love hoodies. I’m not really the sort of guy who collects clothing at all – I try to minimize it actually. But the other day I noticed I own four hoodies, and no-one really needs more than two.

      Screw it, I have four. Might as well go for five right?

  2. SinSynn says:

    We have a fair amount of ‘Hoodie weather’ here in NYC,so having an assortment is helpful.
    I have a couple suitable for work- one of them is a Carhart, which is like, mandatory construction fashion accesories. I think it cost like 60 bucks or more, but it’s thermal-lined, very warm and well made, like everything Carhart.
    Their stuff is so popular on construction sites that you have to mark yer stuffs, cuz at the end of the day you’ll have five guys debating on which brown Carhart hoodie is theirs.
    Yes, even on construction sites, there’s like, brand-name fashion victims, And yes, I own a Carhart hoodie and jacket…cuz, y’know…gotta be ‘cool,’ right?
    I draw the line at Timberland boots, though. I hate them. They weigh like 30 pounds.
    I buy Magnum boots. They’re the ones special forces, SWAT teams, military and police forces around the world use, and I love ’em.
    Lightweight, well made, excellent ‘grip,’ and one time I had a cop catch me with an ‘open container’ in the park…but he recognized the boots.
    He asked me, ‘Are those Magnums?’ and I was like,’ Yessir they sure are.’
    He thought about it for a second and said, ‘Lose the container, buddy. Get outta here, and I won’t give you a summons. Nice boots, by the way.’
    I was EVERY SO GRATEFUL, cuz I had something else in my pocket, and a quick frisking woulda had me in Central Booking for an entire weekend.
    Following that incident, I never wear anything else. I’m about due for a new pair, to tell ya the truth.
    Sigh….when I get some money, I guess.

    I really DO want that Xenomorph hoodie, though. It’s da awesome. Hoping I can convince the Crazy Lady to let me treat myself…I’ve been good. I deserve a lil’ sumpthin’!

    • beat ronin says:

      Yeah it’s funny, you get fashions in every group I guess. In my work at the philosophy department people can theoretically wear whatever they want, but everyone pretty much fits into one of two types: either they are a man with a huge beard and long hair who wears hoodies and other super-casual clothes (so basically the 90s IT programmer look), or they wear neat semi-casual clothes in dark blue or grey. I’m one of the second group. I suspect it’s because we all want to wear black but none of us wants to be a stereotype 😉

      On weekends though I just can’t go past a good hoodie. My favourite one is a blue one I got from the Capcom online store with just a big Capcom logo on the front.

      When it comes to shoes I only own three pairs at any one time: a pair of sneakers, a pair of ugg boots, and my leather Blundstone boots. They’re an Australian brand that’s popular in the country areas like where I grew up, and they last for years if you take care of them. When I worked in a warehouse I had some steelcap Blundstones and they never let me down.

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