Ronin Beats vs. the Beat Ronin

I’ve just discovered that there is a Japanese hip-hop artist out there called Ronin Beats.  He’s offering a free download of a short instrumental album called Ocean of Trees.  I downloaded it and gave it a listen, and I really like it.  It’s atmospheric and spooky sounding, but not light or ambient.  I’m going to check out the rest of his stuff now.

I’m pretty eclectic music-wise, but I particularly like instrumental hip-hop when it comes to electronic music.  And I’m also a big fan of Japanese hip-hop legend DJ Krush, whose influence I can definitely detect in this music.  I actually met him at the urinals once at a gig he did in Canberra (DJ Krush, not Ronin Beats) but all I said was “great set, man.”  It wasn’t really a good time to chat I suppose.  We couldn’t exactly shake hands or anything.  He did smile and nod though.

So it’s kind of neat that Ronin Beats and I share a similar name.  I think this would be perfect music for playing in the background during any cyberpunk game, particularly track six, Death Valley.  The album is also pretty serviceable when it comes to walking around a brooding wintery city with head phones on pretending that you are in a dystopian future.  Surely I’m not the only one who does that?

Anyway hit him up and give it a listen here.

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5 thoughts on “Ronin Beats vs. the Beat Ronin

  1. sinsynn says:

    I forgot it’s winter there…
    So, like it gets down to what? 60 degrees? Some of the dangerous animals hibernate, and stop actively trying to kill you?
    Am I the only one that thinks of Australia this way?

    I loves me some J-Pop, or K-Pop, and a lotta wacky Asian music in general. Melt Banana is one of my all time favorite things, ever.
    Gotta love that as amusing as all-girl groups from the west are, like say, the Spice Girls (five hawt chicks woot!), Asian all-girl groups will have like, twelve members (all with 3 or 4 letter names?!?! How do they do that?). And if you think Justin Bieber is obnoxious (and who doesn’t, except lil’ girls?), then you’d wanna kill some Asian ‘tween’ heart-throb kids outright.
    They gotta funky music scene over there…but hey, I still love the old black metal band, Sigh, so there ya go.

    • beat ronin says:

      The thing is, Australia is mostly hot, but there are pockets that are also quite cold. I grew up in one of them, in the mountains, and now I live in another one. It’s probably between zero and ten degrees celsius here in Canberra in winter during the day, and really windy. So maybe not as cold as winter in NYC, but it’s certainly not pleasant. In summer it can get to 40 degrees celsius and we have dangerous bushfires. An hour and a half drive in either direction though and you have sunny beaches. Where The Warlock lives in Queensland it’s pretty much perfect weather all year round, although they’re tropical so they get torrential rain.

      Ah, music. I’m one of those annoying people who when you ask them what music they like they say “oh, you know, I kind of like stuff that’s good?” My music library is impossible to catalogue in any meaningful way. I’ve tried.

      Did you listen to Ronin Beats? He’s not J Pop at all; I get the impression he’s your more underground sort of artist. It sounds like a dark cyberpunk soundtrack. I do have a soft spot for some K and J pop though. I assume you were referring to Girl’s Generation, with like twelve members? Their tunes are pretty catchy I have to admit, and they are certainly easy on the eyes.

      One of my friends claims that K pop bands have an unnecessarily large number of attractive women in one place and it leads to diminishing returns. He sees a Girl’s Generation video and his brain overloads because there are a dozen of them and they are all really beautiful and he doesn’t know where to look 😀

  2. SinSynn says:

    Lol! Yeah, I can get sucked into watching K-pop girl groups on YouTube for hours. I love how in one single song they can have so many different styles of music, and it switches for each of the 22 girls in the band.
    This one raps, that one does R & B, this one has guitar backing…it’s like, bonkers.
    They sure do cover their bases!
    I’ll give the linky a listen. I’m currently prepping an Infinity post for 3++, so I’ll hit it up when I work on that tonight.
    Yes, I will be whoring myself out to Kirby, so I can spread the word about Infinity…
    When it comes to music, I generally judge whether or not I like it by my body’s response to it. Is my toe tapping? My head bobbing? Do I wanna thrash or dance around?
    Then it’s good. Language and other stuffs don’t bother me- no one has been able to understand a heavy metal singer for ten years anyway- they all growl and shriek now, so waddayagonnado?
    If I’m standing there, not moving and making a face?
    Then it’s whack, and no amount of scantily clad hawt singer chicks are gonna save it.
    I have really weird taste in music, according to my family, but really, the tapping toes never lie. Pretty simple system, really.

  3. SinSynn says:

    Wow- I get tossed into moderation here, too?
    I AM KING!
    Nobody gets moderated more than me! Nobody!
    I don’t even need to throw out a cuss word. I am truly, truly blessed.

    • beat ronin says:

      Hmmm. That’s strange, I have it set up to moderate people the first time they comment only. You’re just a natural at looking suspicious on the internet I guess 😉

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