Good Games Abandons Games Workshop

Yesterday I heard that my favourite local game store, Good Games in Conder, is no longer going to be carrying Games Workshop products on the shelf as they are too expensive to display.  I inadvertently discovered this when I tried to convince the owner Brad to knock twenty dollars off the price of an Infinity order in exchange for some unopened Games Workshop models I had lying around.  Needless to say I had to pay full price, but it was worth a try right?

A game store no longer displaying Games Workshop product is a huge step.  They have undeniably the most popular range of miniatures games.  This comes soon after the Combat Company, one of our largest online retailers, posted this press release damning Games Workshop’s treatment of independant stockists and stating that they were considering taking legal action against Games Workshop.  Good Games and the Combat Company are both very involved in the wargaming community in Australia, so it will be interesting to see what effect this has on Games Workshop’s falling sales.  Their exorbitant prices have already damaged their market here quite considerably.

Of course, Games Workshop is not alone in applying the so-called “Australia tax.”  Recently representatives from Apple, Microsoft and Adobe were subject to a parliamentary enquiry where they were challenged to adequately explain why their prices were so much higher here than elsewhere.  They failed to offer any convincing explanation, and so basically responded with “if you want US prices move to America.”

And the US amabssador wonders why we all pirated Game of Thrones, and asks us nicely to stop.  We’re descended from convicts buddy, we’re not going to bat an eyelid over “stealing” something that is free-to-air in the US.  Especially when your corporations practice aggressive region coding against us.  We might be a nation of dirty cyber criminals but we aren’t stupid.

There are currently three games stores in Canberra (not counting video game shops): Good Games, The Games Capital, and Games Workshop Woden.  Now Good Games is no longer going to stock Games Workshop products in-store, and The Games Capital hasn’t run any Games Workshop game events in years as far as I know.  Interesting times indeed for miniature wargaming in Australia.

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6 thoughts on “Good Games Abandons Games Workshop

  1. The Warlock says:

    Hey Beat Ronin,

    It’s kinda sad that this has finally gotten semi-global attention this year and hopefully the corporations will give us Australians the fair go we always should’ve had. It kinda makes you wonder if the big-wigs like apple and so on will invest in manufacturing here- we have the resources, and Aussie-made products will no doubt be cheaper, provided a portion of profits remain to support the industry.

    Very interesting to see the lack of GW support down in Canberra, most non-GW gaming stores here in Brissie mainly stock GW because it sells…hopefully Combat Company and others can get them to wake up to themselves and change for the better 🙂

    As for pirating Game of thrones, the US ambassador must realise that Oz started off primarily as a convict colony 😛

    • beat ronin says:

      Hey Warlock, thanks for commenting. I wish I shared your optimism, on both counts! I think Apple etc are pretty unlikely to change their prices so long as we pay them, and if we don’t, Australia is such a small market it’s hardly going to bring them down if every single person stops using iTunes.

      Games Workshop might be a different story though. They aren’t anywhere near as strong as a technology giant, so any large segment of their market collapsing is going to hurt them. I think Combat Company are mistaken if they think that Games Workshop sees them as anything but competition. Their actions make it pretty clear that they don’t consider themselves part of any community of game stores or manufacturers.

      I should add, because it wasn’t clear in the post, that Good Games will still run Games Workshop events. It is primarily a gaming environment, not a store, and it’s main purpose is to be a space for the community to play. What products they sell won’t change that I presume.

  2. sinsynn says:

    Oh, gawd…am I supposed to address you as ‘Beat Ronin’ now?
    Fer realz?

    Pretty sure you could buy a car for what you’d hafta pay for a Wraithknight down under, and it’s pretty clear that GW simply doesn’t give two sh*ts about alienating an entire Continent.
    But hey, the good news is that, because they’re so very concerned with how their product is sold everywhere in the entire world, you always have the option of buying direct from GW online!
    And since yer buying DIRECT from the manufacturer, you’ll receive a HUGE DISCOUNT!

    Oh, no, wait. You totally won’t. You’ll pay retail prices.
    That makes entirely no sense, to anyone.

    I have no idea what kinda drugs the folks that make decisions at GW are doing, but they need to chill, and sober the f*ck up. The game isn’t theirs for the taking any more. There’s a lotta players now, and since a lot of us have wised up, we know that they’re making better games that cost less money.
    Lemme say that VERY CLEARLY:
    -Better games.
    -Less money.
    At this point, it pains me to see people still falling for the same old, same old. It really does.

    • beat ronin says:

      Hey SinSynn, good to see you. Nah, just call me James, man. That’s how I’m signing off all my posts anyway, so people can call me whatever they feel like. The same goes for anywhere we might cross paths on the net – it’s not like I’m trying to be anonymous 😉

      And yeah, I feel as though Games Workshop may be under more of a threat than they realize. There is only so far people can be pushed. I doubt the core of true believers is enough to support them long-term. And it is sad to see when someone just doesn’t know about the whole world of miniatures and games that are out there.

  3. The Warlock says:

    Surprisingly Sin, the wraithknight only costs $10 more than the US price here, but at $125 AUD you’re better off trying to get a battalion/battleforce off ebay for that price. I really want better prices and a more nurturing GW hobby, but well…ain’t gonna happen for a while 😦

    @ Beat Ronin/James/Insert name preference here,

    I have faith that one day Australia will be the semi-world superpower it’s meant to be 😛

    I know Australia is a small market, but it doesn’t excuse the blatant Australian tax we seem to be slugged with for everything because we were born on the wrong continent. We’re people too, right?

    While Apple may be big and if they lost the Aussie market you’re right when you say it won’t really hurt them, but at least they should look into why they’ve lost that market. Gw however, if they lost the Aussie market (Which they are, slowly but surely) they’d have to rethink their business ‘strategy’. Or ban people in the Uk from selling to Oz…or axe the cheaper GW games…or file many lawsuits against…wait a sec

    • beat ronin says:

      I heard that Games Workshop seems to be trying to unify prices all over the world. Which is an unbelievable win for the Aussie games community if true.

      And you’re right Warlock, nothing excuses the Australia Tax. But I think being a small market explains it. They just don’t care – every one of us who buys is a bonus for them.

      One day Pan-O will rise 😀

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