Chinese Infinity posters

Here are some posters I made for the miniatures skirmish game Infinity.  It’s a sad fact that most Infinity players don’t write Chinese, so I’ve never really come across posters or signs for scenery that are suitable for Asian-themed boards.  Heroically armed with two semesters of introductory Chinese (ten years ago) and my trusty dictionary, I set out to remedy this state of affairs.

I mostly made these by photoshopping characters onto images I found online.  Please feel free to use and share.  I’m unclear on the legal status of substantially modifying other people’s images in Photoshop and then sharing the result, but I suppose I should warn you now that I will instantly crumble if threatened with legal action.


i-kohl moving billboard


“Yu Jing leads the way!”


“Together we fight back against the alien devils.”

Here I made a wanted poster for Miyamoto Musashi. The reason he looks like Toshiro Mifune is because obviously, that’s how ALEPH would have made him.


Busoh Sensen: Front of Armament, from the manga “Worst.”


“Golden Sea Import Export.”

Funnily enough, it was pretty hard to find an image of a Chinese public toilet sign that someone hadn’t watermarked.  For some reason people really don’t want other people stealing their photos of Chinese toilet signs.


Chinese magazine covers with the dates photoshopped out make fine billboards:


This guy is apparently sporting a new fashion style called “handsome beggar.” He certainly is.


I’ve also thrown in a couple of Hello Kitty images and some small signs for Japanese fruit juice on the PDF.  Click on the image below to download it:

Yu Jing posters



4 thoughts on “Chinese Infinity posters

  1. sinsynn says:

    ‘Alien Devils’?
    Sir, I resemble that remark, and I hope you get properly sepsitorized.

    • beat ronin says:

      It’s OK, according to some guy on the Infinity board I accidentally wrote “Together We Fight the Immigrant Devils!” So you’re off the hook.

      So yeah. It turns out I wrote a comically racist poster. At least I gave it a go, right? 😀

  2. aeria_gloris says:

    And so, the masks come crashing down. Yu-Jing and Panoceania, mirror images in their blindness, their hubris. They think themselves the puppeteers, but they are nothing but puppets. Preach your racism and your propaganda, in the end the Nomad nation will prevail..


    Thanks for these, they’ll come in handy when the Black Hand needs to pay a visit to a Yu-Jing settlement 🙂

    And glad to have you back!

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